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Volkswagen has come out with ‘Digital Workplace’ initiative for all its 121 authorized dealerships spread across 104 cities in India. As part of the new initiative, the personnel at the dealerships will assist the customers to know their cars better by using a digital application. The software will show the competition comparison, vehicle presentation, test-drive registrations, financing solutions and much more.

However, what is more pleasing is the truth that this application will even come helpful for customers whilst going for after-sales services. The initiative has a 6-step process and VW users will get timely updates through SMS about their car at the service station, right from the time the service begins to service ends. Customers post the final service can opt for either driving home their vehicles personally or can ask the dealerships to drop them at their locations.

One of the Volkswagen Service Center Hyderabad said actually this is a good process that benefits the customers. According to the Volkswagen press statement below are the key points of the initiative.

  • All 121 dealers across 104 locations will have the Digital Workplace software.
  • The initiative is a step towards enhancing and changing the sales and post-sales experience.
  • The ‘Digital Workplace’ software will allow advisors towards the 360-degree view, lead capturing, vehicle presentation, competition comparison, research financing answers, and list test-drives in addition to others.
  • Customers using the 6-step procedure will get timely updates through SMS about their vehicles at the workstations.
  • The application can also be used to tailor-make a customized vehicle or product pamphlet for the customers with chosen features.
  • The application even lets technicians enrich the post-sales experience of customers at the service stations by displaying and explaining them the total repair work needed on their vehicles.

Mr. Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars speaking on the launch of the initiative said, “People are at the centre of Volkswagen’s business and with the Digital Workplace initiative, we aim to enhance the sales and after-sales processes as well as digitalize the customer buying experience. As the country moves a step forward with the Digitalize India campaign, this is yet another enterprise to fully integrate our dealerships and provide a premium user experience. It is our endeavor to offer our customers, all of Volkswagen’s services at the comfort and convenience of their homes.”

All the features of the application are installed in Volkswagen’s internal Sales Force portal, letting dealers across the locations to get benefits of it. Very recently I visited Volkswagen service center near me at Suchitra and got complete details after which I felt the initiative is worth it given  the brand name the Volkswagen carries in the semi-premium segment.


Volkswagen to sell its race-spec Ameo and Vento to customers

Usually what happens with high-end sports bikes or cars is….the owners modify them to a certain degree and they are all set to hit the race tracks but what would be your feeling if we say Volkswagen Motorsports India is on plans to sell out their track-specific race cars to individuals.

Volkswagen first began making track cars with Polo followed by the Vento and Ameo. The company has given an option for the people to buy either race-spec Vento or Ameo. Going into details about these cars, the Ameo used in race tracks has a 1.8-litre motor that’s capable of delivering whooping 205 bhp power.

In addition, the engine also has a BMC intake system and a race-inclined sequential gearbox which comes in full automatic mode. The sequential gearbox allows quick change of gears. The data logging and engine management have been done through a Motec setup, the Ameo even has an all-digital instrument cluster.

MRF ZLO race rubber takes on the traction control of the Ameo. To help hold yourself in place the Ameo has an OMP race seat which assists in placing the driver intact. The Ameo has race spec roll-cage certified by FMSCI, 1 fire extinguisher and body structure that is seam welded.  For added traction, there’s a big rear wing which gives out sufficient downforces.

Well, do you know what this special quantified Ameo cost would be? Volkswagen quotes the price at INR 40 lakhs.

Coming to Vento on the other side it has a 1.8-litre motor that delivers 210 bhp power, due to the presence of the ITC spec restrictor plate and forego the restrictor, it will produce a mammoth 250 bhp power. Additionally one can choose either a sequential gearbox having a manual shifter or an H-Pattern 6-speed transmission. It too has a race-spec fire extinguisher, roll cage and race seats. KW tailored the suspension clubbed with Eibach springs for additional cornering stability. This race Vento has a set of specially designed forged wheels made by Wheels India Limited. Each wheel weighs just about 6.5 kgs.

The Vento comes with immaculate brakes that give exceptional braking due to the race brake pads, the front brakes are Volkswagen Golf R32 sourced whilst the rear brakes are from the Octavia RS. The big rear wing which is present on the race-specific Ameo is not present on the Vento by default, however, can be taken as a preferred option. Extra aero parts such as a rear splitter, front splitter in addition to a set of canards for the bumper are found in Vento. Volkswagen Motorsports is even offering a different ECU map that gives the car maximum of 300bhp.

The Vento is priced at Rs. 24 lakhs (with no extra options) and Rs. 40 lakhs for the extra options stated above. So, sounds good if you are looking out for a race-specific car, isn’t it?

If this is the case with race-specific variants the Volkswagen has come out with many offers on its all passenger vehicles including Polo. The company is celebrating Volksfest and has slashed down the prices with great discounts and offers. Below are the offers and final prices on Volkswagen models. For further details please visit PPS Motors, authorized Volkswagen dealer Hyderabad.


Why buying Tiguan is a good choice?

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volkswagen tiguan

No other vehicle actually created such a buzz than TIGUAN in the Volkswagen family. Probably the design, the look and apart from all the brand value of Volkswagen have all fell in line to make the Tiguan a real roaring beast on the roads, especially on Indian roads. Apart from the above said, here are also the reasons that make buying Tiguan the best bet.

Passenger space:

No matter wherever you sit, be it in the back seats or the front seats the comfort never changes. The best seating comfort is guaranteed equally in all the 5 seats. There is plenty of leg and headroom both in the rear and front. In addition, you find N number of optional extras that make your life in the car more than comfortable. This is the advantage the car carries in addition to the other cars of its kind. Most of the 5-seat cars have lesser room at the rear and so come with lesser comfort at the mid-rear seat in comparison to the rest of the two but this isn’t the case with our Tiguan. There are many useful cubbyholes upfront inclusive of a coolbox – for storing your things, and also under seat drawers for occupants at the front seats, on SE-trim variants and higher.

Storage space:

The boot of the Tiguan is as large as flexible, and it is one of the bigger boots in its kind, giving more room than that of many others said a service expert of a leading Volkswagen service center Hyderabad. There is a sliding back bench, which augments the boot space considerably along with a modifiable boot floor and net partitions on variants over and above the entry model.

Security and safety:

Being a premium-end car one can easily understand that the safety and security are high-above than normal ones. The emergency braking system, ABS, 6 airbags, hill assist, and Active Hood give the best security and safety.

Behind wheel:

In Tiguan behind the wheel is a predominantly good place to be – the dashboard is spread out in characteristically instinctive VW style, connoting there is no requirement for the steering wheel to be button-heavy. The pedaling system is positioned nicely.


Volkswagen is known for its rich technology breakthrough and this can be felt in the Tiguan. No matter whether you are in Highline or Comfortline you can feel the richness and refinement of technology and comfort zone. Silent & powerful engine, panoramic sunroof, rain sensing wipers and apart from all the toughness of Volkswagen body, a Volkswagen specific all make you feel the refined Volkswagen drive. It also has good ground clearance making it feel like a full-SUV rather than a compact one.

Adding all to the above, the goodness also comes to it from the fact that Volkswagen Tiguan has the advantage of Volkswagen service centers that are available across the nation at strategic points.

Waiting Period For VW Cars In Many Cities Is High This Navratri But Still Try Your Luck

Volkswagen cars have been preferred cars for Indians since the German maker started selling its cars on the Indian soil. They have won the hearts of Indians with sheer technology & durability and that’s why these cars though premium in the Indian market have been hotcakes and the same is continuing with every new model released. The demand for these cars rises peak high during festive seasons and one such season is DUSSEHRA

Keeping in view the demand for the cars and also the festive sanctity we are bringing out the waiting period for Volkswagens this Navratri. Despite the demand for VWs, the good news is that any model from the house doesn’t have more than 20-day waiting period provided you book by this weekend. Good news right? So if you are planning to buy a Volkswagen why not buy this Navratri season and bring home the German technology & safe driving with it.

Well, according to a trusted source below is the waiting period for VWs across all the major cities in India.

Here’s the waiting period on VW cars across major Indian cities.

Volkswagen car dealers Hyderabad

Here are your takeaways:

Volkswagen Polo:

In case Pune is sheltering you and you are in plans to buy the Polo and get it delivered in the Navratri period book it quickly as it has a 4-week waiting period, the maximum waiting period for any VW car in this city. In rest of the cities, you can take a chance by 7 days and still expect to get your car delivered during Navratri. If buying anywhere doesn’t matter then you can book it at Volkswagen authorized dealer Hyderabad, PPS Motors as there’s no waiting period.

Volkswagen Ameo:

Ameo & Polo both have identical waiting time. Having said this we suggest you hit the showrooms as early as possible if you are planning an Ameo purchase during Dussehra.

Volkswagen Vento:

Vento is nothing less to the above two models. It too has the same waiting period as the above two. So again the best bet to own it would be visiting your nearest showroom by this week.

Volkswagen Passat:

In case you live in Bangalore and wish to drive away Passat in this Navaratri period then we again suggest an earlier visit to Volkswagen showrooms in Bangalore. You can also try your luck at PPS Motors, the authorized Volkswagen dealer in Bangalore. The waiting period for this sedan is one month, the highest in this city. The sooner your booking is the maximum is your chance to see your Passat in your parking lot.

Note: All these waiting periods may be subject to changes based on various reasons & unforeseen circumstances

PASSAT……The Sedan That Never Lets You Down

Volkswagen is known to bring out cars that are reliable, durable & operation friendly. The house is known to engineer cars that can easily go well both with the beginners & experts and one such car from the Volkswagen is PASSAT.

If you are family of 4 or so there is always a comfort owning a sedan rather than possessing a hatchback or SUV (we don’t say these variants are bad, but given the number (4) we say a sedan goes well). One such sedan we at PPS Motors sincerely recommend is Passat, because it is affordable, spacious, and also a safe vehicle. Its stylishness, sleekness, and sophistication purely make it the modern sedan to own. It has the beauty in interiors and the appeal in the exteriors.

Want to know why authorized Volkswagen dealers recommend Passat as your reliable car. Here we go with the exclusive Passat features.

The Newest Technology:

The onboard technology Passat has is the latest which gives a pleasing driving experience. It has a Volkswagen built Car-Net App that lets easily connect with all your mobile gadgets — both Android and Apple. Streamlining tunes, control panel accessing using the touch-screen display and also accessing phone apps on the screen becomes easy.

Remarkable Safety Features:

This classy sedan has got the best safety features both in & out. The automatic brake system is what is the most needed on Indian roads and it has that. 9 airbags, the inbuilt GPS, cruise control, and Park Assist redefine your safety standards.

A Design that’s Sophisticated:

In case a sophisticated and smart vehicle that’s fully reliable and safe is your choice then service head at Volkswagen service center Khajaguda blindly suggests going for Passat. Its latest design does not have anything lacking inclusive climate control, enough backseat legroom, leather seats, and awesome air conditioning.

If that’s classy about Passat interiors then the rock-hard Passat’s exterior bodywork is what you can depend upon to save the exteriors against scrapes and dents. This solid out-built is really useful during drives where stone & gravel hits are unexpected.  Adding more good features to these it has a panoramic sunroof which makes the sky literally fall in your car. Remember you also have the Easy Open Boot which makes you open the boot with just pushing your leg close to the sensor.

Power-packed Performance:

The 2.0-liter, the four-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers performance that is just outstanding in the sedan segment. With DSG automatic transmission your gear shift is easy and you have a smooth acceleration.

Having said all if you still don’t believe just book a test drive at PPS Motors, the authorized Volkswagen dealer in Hyderabad.


Tiguan Is Truly The SUV Which Is Worth Possessing

Tiguan is another classy & tech-filled SUV from the house of Volkswagen. In the very recent OD SUV Slugfest, this premium SUV won the show with its breathtaking features. Predominantly these features highlighted the SUV’s significance and its exclusive features.

Street presence & styling:

The Tiguan as observed has fine composed proportions and adding to this its solid size makes it perfect for any road. The catchy design is immaculate with straight lines. Adding to this the refined styling is enhanced by the decent looking headlights, fog lights, tail lights etc. The back finish is also as appealing as the front end. More importantly, this fabulous SUV has the attracting street presence usually wanted by many Indian customers.

Visibility and seating:

Though it comes with a high dash the front view is crystal clear. The egress and ingress are outstanding. The cleaning area of wipers is big. The diffused wash sprays are very effective.

All-terrain capability:

The ground clearance of Tiguan is modest but it comes with an all-wheel-drive arrangement with 4 driving means – normal, snow, off-road and individual. The AWD is integrated closely with the traction-control system, electronic-stability system, anti-lock braking, gears shift points and throttle response. Each mode changes the way the SUV senses and acts. The all-wheel-drive functions extremely well and since the overhangs are short, Tiguan is fairly proficient off-road. The hill-descent and hill-assist control are other advantages of Tiguan.


The storage space of the spare wheel is sensible and can be called as one amongst the finest and coolest to reach. The SUV has 2 practical foldable wheel chocks that are infrequent and that are not usually found in many vehicles.

Performance and touring ability:

It has good on-road performance. The engine never lets down when it is to be pushed and in fact, it delivers what you ask for. The handling of the vehicle is accurate and cheers to its comparatively light weight and compact size. The drive quality is relaxed and efficiently chops off the road deficiencies. Even the high-speed steadiness is great and the range of cruising is approximately 1,000km. Don’t ask about the boot space which is simply excellent.

Other pros:

This SUV handles almost all the rod difficulties excellently and is fitted with very receptive and foreseeable steering. The all-wheel drive gives mind blowing traction providing it a car-like feeling. The braking is also perfect.


Engine type: 2.0D/143PS/340Nm
Fuel capacity and Range: 71l/1050km
Fuel Economy: 14.62kmpl
4WD lock: Yes
Diff Lock: No
Dimensions (LWH) mm: 4,486 x 1,839 x 1,672
Ground Clearance: 200mm
Weight: 1,720kg (kerb)
Wheelbase: 2,677mm
Headlight Washers: No
Off-Road Driving Modes: Yes
Boot Capacity: 615l

For additional details on the model & price, one can get assistance from PPS Motors which is authorized Volkswagen dealer and service center in Hyderabad.

Volkswagen Interior Accessories

Genuine is always genuine. Authenticity always comes with quality. And that’s why Volkswagen strongly recommends going for original products so that they have a long life & give the true Volkswagen feel.

Volkswagen accessories are available for all its models combining both interior & exterior in addition to spare parts. Its interior accessories include seat covers, mat, sunblinds, carbon air filter & so on. These accessories apart from giving the customers the much-needed comfort also give the Volkswagen warranty. In this particular article, we shall discuss the exclusive qualities that come with each accessory.

Seat Covers:

The seat covers are available in 3 designs and they are apple design, vertical design, and honeycomb design. Each design has its own specialty & individual features designed keeping in mind the wide tastes & preferences of customers. While the apple design is something that suits for people who wish to have an off-beat finish the vertical design is perfect for a clean-cut finish. And coming to honeycomb design that’s in titanium black color & grey stitching gives an ultra-stylish look. All these seat covers are tailored for each model so you have a choice to pick up your taste for the VW you drive.


Mats come in rubber & textile variants. Each variant has 4 pieces. They are easily removable and also fit in the cabin easily. These mats are safety clips compatible. The best thing about these mats is they are easy to clean.


At times the sun is unwanted & just irresistible and this is when we need sunblinds. Unfortunately not every sunblind fits Volkswagen nor is trustworthy to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun and so it’s better not to take a chance and go for the genuine. These VW sunblinds apart from giving maximum protection from the sun can also be used for thermal insulation without hindering traffic safety, even when the windows are open they can be used. They are odourless and so give you a pleasant cabin.  These sunblinds are also available for rear windows.

Carbon activated cabin air filter:

PPS Motors Volkswagen service center Hyderabad terms them as health activators for people in VWs. This filter cleans odour, noxious gases, fumes & other air pollutants from entering the cabin. They are technologized enough to filter 3 microns particulate size at 91% efficiency.

Waste bags:

These waste bags come with clean solution technology and are easily attachable to the headrest bar of the front seat. They come with a roll of plastic rubbish bags which assist the vehicle to remain clean in the long run. So, the next time you think about keeping your VW clean think of these handy waste bags.

These VW accessories are available in all the authorized Volkswagen showrooms. For further details and prices about the above products, you can contact PPS Motors, the authorized Volkswagen dealer.






The vehicle you own says what you are. The way you drive, the way you handle your vehicle is directly proportionate to what your inner soul is. PPS Motors knows this well and that is why we have a vehicle for everyone and everyone’s inner feelings. We don’t sell cars for profit or we don’t see vehicle retailing as a business. For us, selling vehicles is passion, its making driving easy for customers, its liking gearing up customers’ dreams for further journey.

Our way of communicating with customers is entirely different. We speak the language of love. We speak the language of understanding our customers’ desire and dream vehicle…this sets us apart and this makes us the desired destiny for cars’ purchase. Let us see why PPS Motors is the most preferred authorized Volkswagen dealer in Hyderabad.

Our foothold is everywhere:

Do you know PPS Motors pioneered with the single motto: to make automobile retailing more customer oriented. We’re almost all everywhere. Even in the smallest towns giving the people the best cars at their own dwellings.  Trust us we’re where you need us.

World-class showrooms:

Our success lies in our showrooms. We know the better the showroom is the better it is to the customer. Keeping this in mind,     all our PPS showrooms are designed with utmost care. We ensure they are located in the prime localities so that customers can reach us without difficulty. Most of our showrooms are 3S, meaning sales, service and spare parts. We even see that every model is on display we don’t like making the customer errand and that’s why we act as a one-stop solution. You have everything there right from test drive to customer help desk.

Reliable staff:

Go to whichever showroom or service center you want. The one thing you find in common is the friendliest staff. We know how easy the things become for customers’ when the staff is friendly and supportive…this in mind we train our staff to be friendly, reliable, caring and most importantly hearing. After all, a friendly staff gives us friendly customers!

Technology-driven service centers:

A good showroom gives a good buying experience but if the same showroom has even a good service center…well, the result is a good life for vehicles. Exactly…we do this, we almost all attach service center too to each showroom so that the customer gets vehicle service done easily and on the spot. Our service centers are filled with latest tools to give your vehicle the best of service and also at the quickest time. The service team is guided under renowned and experienced technical staff. So, trust us your car’s life is multiplied in our showrooms.

One roof-many services:

The one more vivid thing that makes us apart is we not only sell and service your cars but also give supportive services such as vehicle finance & insurance. We assist your vehicle purchase in every way possible.

When we have so many things to make your car purchase easier, smoother, and swifter why do you want to go anywhere else… just ask us we have it for you. For more information visit us @

Volkswagen Service Centers have Unparalleled Service Rules

What makes your vehicle stay in perfect condition & going without hiccups? Not sure then take it from us: a perfect timely SERVICE from an authorized service center is what your car needs to keep moving. Many of us undermine the essence of giving our vehicles a periodic service under the care of experienced service technicians which in long-term can tear & bring down the life of the vehicle. This is why Volkswagen emphasizes on service without fail. According to VW no matter how much costly your car is and how technically befitting it is it goes in vain without proper service. And this is why Volkswagen has set new benchmarks in its service approach thereby adding life to Volkswagens.

Volkswagen authorized service centers such as PPS Volkswagen service center Khajaguda follow strict standards in their service orientation & approach. They have earmarked rules to follow without breach and that is why these German engineered cars have a long life & lesser maintenance cost.

Here are few hallmarks of Volkswagen service which sets it apart and brings it the tag of MOST TRUSTED BRAND across the globe.

Friendly & Reliable Service:

All the authorized Volkswagen centers run on one principle: only the finest for you & your Volkswagen. These VW service providers give their customers a complete set of services packed & tailored for the need of every Volkswagen. And obviously, every customer will have hassle-free & trouble-less experience with their VWs. The array of services which are technically superior & carried out under the experienced hands will only result in highest quality, constant mobility, and long-lasting capability.

Wide Service & Spare Parts Network:

Although a foreign brand Indians haven’t seen VW as such. Thanks to the network the German pioneer has constructed to make its service reliable & gettable in all most all the regions of India. It has 2 Regional Warehouses to make sure timely obtainability of spare parts as and when required.

Alongside the car manufacturer has built an extensive and widespread service network making customers not to feel the pain of not having service centers when needed.

Express Service Facilities:

Volkswagen knows the value of time and so has instituted Express Service Facilities in prime cities such as Hyderabad. These Volkswagen service centers ensure there are no waiting periods due to overcrowding.

Qualified & Trained People:

Quality & orientation comes with knowledge & training and that’s why VW has established 3 training academies in India to train  & teach dealer manpower counting 2000 each year. These trained technicians are knowledgeful to give the service that meets the Volkswagen standards. When you have a trained & qualified service personnel at your disposal to take care of your car you again don’t need anyone else to take care of you, said the technical lead at Volkswagen service center Khajaguda, Hyderabad.

These extensive & pre-planned training programs make sure only the best minds apply their knowledge on your VW.

Matchless Customer Support:

24×7 roadside assistance & 24×7 customer assistance center. Hope this says how loyal VW is towards their customers. There is also SMS setup to inform you about the status & stage of your car’s service. And you needn’t go in person to station your vehicle or pick it back to your home, VW has pick-drop services, just book a service appointment with the authorized Volkswagen service center and they will do it for you.

And more importantly, VW cars are intelligent enough to let you know when your car service is due with spanner icon.

All said & done Volkswagen assures timely service & timely delivery

The Pride Of Matchless Driving & Technology Comes Only With Volkswagen Ameo

If it is pride then think of Volkswagen Ameo. It is built with pure pride in every angle & every specification. That’s why pride & Ameo go hand in hand.

Best engineers built it:

Volkswagen engineers only the best engineers because it knows it’s only the best who can build the best like-AMEO. It takes more than just technology on board to build Volkswagens and that’s why Ameo comes with technology infused with heart. The technology, quality, safety & comforts are filled with pure heart and that’s why it’s the best sedan on earth from the best carmakers of the world.  Fine-tuned for Indian roads the sedan comes with many first-in-class features.

Cruise Control:

Its roots are traditional but it is for the young, it’s for the present generation meeting every standard of today’s technology & need for safest & best drives. With cruise control, you have everything under your control. You just need to sit back as your Ameo cruises with steady speed.

Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers:

Indian weather isn’t predictable and that’s why VW designed wipers with intelligent rain sensors that automatically signals the wipers to switch on. With this feature inbuilt for you what is going to stop you?

Reverse Parking Camera:

Parking is as easy as driving an Ameo you know why?  Because now no more parking woes as the reverse parking camera & rear parking sensor provide you the ease of parking in any tightest space.

Touchscreen infotainment system:

This alone is what you want and with this, you have every command at your disposal. Call, text messages and run your favorite numbers with just a button touch. infotainment is also one-touch away from your Mp3/CD, USB, SD card, aux-in and Bluetooth.

App connect:

This feature stays you connected always and opens up entertainment and apps you want. The best part is you can connect to either Android or Apple devices.

Safety comes first:

No matter what threatens you your safety isn’t compromised with ABS, Airbags, galvanized steel body with laser-welded roof. And remember it is also a Volkswagen and so it never compromises on safety features.

Two options to choose from:

You have both diesel & petrol versions to choose your need and match accordingly.

Power 76Ps 110Ps
Mileage 19.44/L 24.44/L


Now choose what best suits you. All the 2 variants are available in 5 colors: Blue silk, Reflex silver, Toffee Brown, Candy white & Carbon steel. So, plenty colors to pick from.

You also have the Volkswagen advantage don’t forget on roadside assistance for 2 years & 2 years unlimited kilometer warranty. Wait there are two more takeaways: 3-year paint warranty & 6-year anti-perforation warranty. To know more about paint & service warranty contact PPS Volkswagen service center

It’s the Premium Sedan that redefines luxury, safety & style

Volkswagen Tiguan is as powerful as a tiger and as quick as Leguan making it the perfect premium sedan ever from the Volkswagen family.  It has everything one wishes for from the Volkswagen group. Let’s see what it is & what it has for us.

Exteriors state the style statement

Every angle that’s cult outside defines perfection & style. The peculiar lines going all through the body or for that instance the audacious bumper present at the forefront, elegant LED dotted rear lights and the grille that’s chrome finished state the style craft. Probably it’s the perfectly styled sedan.

Technology In & Out:

While the exteriors are stylish (one can know it from the looks) they are at the same time technology-filled.  The 4MOTION system- a sensible 4-wheel drive arrangement monitors the journey with every wheel movement. The 4MOTION controls the exact quantity of torque transmission depending on the terrain condition. This feature provides the superlative traction needed.

There’s also Drive Mode Selector which facilitates the Tiguan to adapt to the road & need. It has 4 modes – Normal, Snow, Offroad and Offroad Individual. These modes can be changed based on the need with just a turn of the nob.

What would you usually do to open your boot door: use remote, click the open button or some other conventional ways….right? but here it’s totally different just place your foot before the sensor present below the rear bumper and that’s it, it gets opened up. Place what you need to place and move away, as you move away from the sensor the boot door gets closed automatically.

Sky follows your drive:

The striking thing one can notice with Tiguan is the life-size sunroof that offers mesmerizing views. Literally, you see what the sky has. In addition to this beautiful view treat the sunroof has LED lights, making the interiors more exquisite.

Safety comes first:

The Tiguan as its predecessors hasn’t compromised on safety. Safety has new safe standards here. The 6 Airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) see to that you are safe and your drive is safe.

Hill Hold & Hill Descent Control

No matter, how high & how steep the hill is your Tiguan can scale. The hill hold & hill descent are there to keep your Tiguan in control. On sharp downs, Hill Hold reduces the chances of skids & control mishaps as you drive up and on descending slopes, Hill Descent Control controls for a safe drive down.

There’s also Active Hood Sensor for the safety of the pedestrians. In cases of collisions, the bumper at the front indicates the Active Hood and elevates it by lowering the damage.

With all these features taking driving experience to next level, it is available in 2.0L TDI diesel version with 17.06/L mileage. With 143 Ps Power and 340 Nm Torque, it gives the best speed along with the best safety.

Here are Car Maintenance Tips from PPS Motors Service Team

If every car ad was true to the core then probably our vehicles would have lasted long and the need to service or maintain them wouldn’t have aroused. But the ads aren’t true, and this asks for car care tips. Here is how you can keep up your car and add an extra life to it.

Tip 1:

Keep an eye on the engine oil if not an eye at least keep a squint eye on it. As the engine oil advertisements say oil is your vehicles’ doctor. Check and replace the oil at the stipulated time. No car’s maintenance is complete without on-time engine oil change. Remember oil change ensures the engine’s life while not going for it simply kills the engine.

Tip 2:

The cooling system should be flushed and also the coolant should be changed at least once a year. A 50-50 mix of distilled water and coolant will maintain the goodness of cooling system and also obstructs corrosions and deposits piling up in the cooling apparatus.

Tip 3:

Changing of differential and transmission oils is very much needed according to PPS Volkswagen Khajaguda Service Centre experts. At times you may neglect regular service, but these oils must be replaced as per the service intervals. Ensure you always use gear oil and transmission fluid of the suggested variant and viscosity. Driveline parts like u-joints too need systematic lubricating.

Tip 4:

Maintain the car as clean as you maintain yourself. While hosing off the car’s exteriors is mandatory so is also the interiors of it. Chances are that dirt gets accumulated even in the interiors. Wash off road grime and winter salt regularly.

Tip 5:

All the tools in your car which have moving parts require grease to function properly. So take every care to properly lubricate such parts.

Tip 6:

What would you do to give an appealing look to your car? Its simple coat with a quality wax. A good waxing shines up the vehicle. Wax it once in 6 months.

Tip 7:

Always park your vehicle in the shade and also use window deflector screens to safeguard the interior plastic. You can as well use UV protectants to obstruct drying of vinyl & plastic.

Tip 8:

Check, cleanse, and reload wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease as per service intervals. Grease and wheel bearings aren’t costly in comparison to hub and spindle replacement or for that instance seeing disconnected wheels running in front of you on the road.

Tip 9:

Brake fluid attracts moisture as you know it’s hygroscopic. Moisture leads vehicle components to fail and corrode. Every year ensure you replace oil & bleed system.

Follow these car maintenance tips & trust us your car regains life. For further information call our PPS Motors Service Team at 8978 882 083.


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