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It’s the Premium Sedan that redefines luxury, safety & style

Volkswagen Tiguan is as powerful as a tiger and as quick as Leguan making it the perfect premium sedan ever from the Volkswagen family.  It has everything one wishes for from the Volkswagen group. Let’s see what it is & what it has for us.

Exteriors state the style statement

Every angle that’s cult outside defines perfection & style. The peculiar lines going all through the body or for that instance the audacious bumper present at the forefront, elegant LED dotted rear lights and the grille that’s chrome finished state the style craft. Probably it’s the perfectly styled sedan.

Technology In & Out:

While the exteriors are stylish (one can know it from the looks) they are at the same time technology-filled.  The 4MOTION system- a sensible 4-wheel drive arrangement monitors the journey with every wheel movement. The 4MOTION controls the exact quantity of torque transmission depending on the terrain condition. This feature provides the superlative traction needed.

There’s also Drive Mode Selector which facilitates the Tiguan to adapt to the road & need. It has 4 modes – Normal, Snow, Offroad and Offroad Individual. These modes can be changed based on the need with just a turn of the nob.

What would you usually do to open your boot door: use remote, click the open button or some other conventional ways….right? but here it’s totally different just place your foot before the sensor present below the rear bumper and that’s it, it gets opened up. Place what you need to place and move away, as you move away from the sensor the boot door gets closed automatically.

Sky follows your drive:

The striking thing one can notice with Tiguan is the life-size sunroof that offers mesmerizing views. Literally, you see what the sky has. In addition to this beautiful view treat the sunroof has LED lights, making the interiors more exquisite.

Safety comes first:

The Tiguan as its predecessors hasn’t compromised on safety. Safety has new safe standards here. The 6 Airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) see to that you are safe and your drive is safe.

Hill Hold & Hill Descent Control

No matter, how high & how steep the hill is your Tiguan can scale. The hill hold & hill descent are there to keep your Tiguan in control. On sharp downs, Hill Hold reduces the chances of skids & control mishaps as you drive up and on descending slopes, Hill Descent Control controls for a safe drive down.

There’s also Active Hood Sensor for the safety of the pedestrians. In cases of collisions, the bumper at the front indicates the Active Hood and elevates it by lowering the damage.

With all these features taking driving experience to next level, it is available in 2.0L TDI diesel version with 17.06/L mileage. With 143 Ps Power and 340 Nm Torque, it gives the best speed along with the best safety.

Here are Car Maintenance Tips from PPS Motors Service Team

If every car ad was true to the core then probably our vehicles would have lasted long and the need to service or maintain them wouldn’t have aroused. But the ads aren’t true, and this asks for car care tips. Here is how you can keep up your car and add an extra life to it.

Tip 1:

Keep an eye on the engine oil if not an eye at least keep a squint eye on it. As the engine oil advertisements say oil is your vehicles’ doctor. Check and replace the oil at the stipulated time. No car’s maintenance is complete without on-time engine oil change. Remember oil change ensures the engine’s life while not going for it simply kills the engine.

Tip 2:

The cooling system should be flushed and also the coolant should be changed at least once a year. A 50-50 mix of distilled water and coolant will maintain the goodness of cooling system and also obstructs corrosions and deposits piling up in the cooling apparatus.

Tip 3:

Changing of differential and transmission oils is very much needed according to PPS Volkswagen Khajaguda Service Centre experts. At times you may neglect regular service, but these oils must be replaced as per the service intervals. Ensure you always use gear oil and transmission fluid of the suggested variant and viscosity. Driveline parts like u-joints too need systematic lubricating.

Tip 4:

Maintain the car as clean as you maintain yourself. While hosing off the car’s exteriors is mandatory so is also the interiors of it. Chances are that dirt gets accumulated even in the interiors. Wash off road grime and winter salt regularly.

Tip 5:

All the tools in your car which have moving parts require grease to function properly. So take every care to properly lubricate such parts.

Tip 6:

What would you do to give an appealing look to your car? Its simple coat with a quality wax. A good waxing shines up the vehicle. Wax it once in 6 months.

Tip 7:

Always park your vehicle in the shade and also use window deflector screens to safeguard the interior plastic. You can as well use UV protectants to obstruct drying of vinyl & plastic.

Tip 8:

Check, cleanse, and reload wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease as per service intervals. Grease and wheel bearings aren’t costly in comparison to hub and spindle replacement or for that instance seeing disconnected wheels running in front of you on the road.

Tip 9:

Brake fluid attracts moisture as you know it’s hygroscopic. Moisture leads vehicle components to fail and corrode. Every year ensure you replace oil & bleed system.

Follow these car maintenance tips & trust us your car regains life. For further information call our PPS Motors Service Team at 8978 882 083.


PPS Motors: Volkswagen Authorized Dealer With Global-Class Traits

When Volkswagen entered India in 2001 no one ever felt it would have this reach and be the car loved by Indians. As the saying goes the rest of the Volkswagen journey is history in India post its launch in this diversified land where people and even terrains are different.

For this success, the company’s ever upgrading technology, a wide range of passenger car availabilities and trusted dealerships and up-grade service facilities have added mileage to the already brand presence.

As we know in any venture to flourish the dealers play a key role as they take the business further and one such advantage Volkswagen India has is its trusted dealer network out of which PPS Motors – Volkswagen has an untold footage. Being the authorized Volkswagen dealer in India its orientation is purely customer-friendly, and this makes it the numero-uno in the Volkswagen Indian market. Apart from being customer-oriented VW’s Hyderabad dealer – PPS Motors also has many facilities that make it the top-class Volkswagen dealer not only in Hyderabad but also in India.

Is spread out in all top cities:

 VW’S Hyderabad dealer – PPS Motors is not only present in Hyderabad but is also spread across many major cities making Volkswagen available for Indians. PPS Volkswagen is present in Tirupathi, Karimnagar, Secunderabad, and Bangalore. This says PPS VWs network.

Top-end service centers:

Where ever PPS Volkswagen is present there the users can find authorized service centers too. In most cases, the PPS Volkswagen authorized showrooms are 3S enabled which means sales, service, and spare parts availability. Apart from this, the Volkswagen service centers exclusively designed and tailored for Volkswagen cars’ service are truly world-class. They come with tailored service equipment tools designed to suit the service needs of Volkswagen. In addition to having the main PPS Volkswagen service center at Khajaguda in Hyderabad, PPS Volkswagen service centers are also present in Kuktapally and Jeedimetla while there are also service centers in Tirupati, Bangalore, and Karimnagar.

Decade experience:

Very recently PPS Volkswagen celebrated 10 years of association with Volkswagen and this says their early presence and it also says the trust and loyalty this group carries with their customers.

Moreover, their passion for automobile retailing makes them the leader in Volkswagen sales & service sectors.

all star car sales

In 2016, the car manufacturer Volkswagen continues its tradition with regard to the presentation of various special models. Whereas in the previous years the models ‘Team’ and ‘Goal’ were, this year it is the family of the “ALLSTARS special models”.

All Star Car Sales:

The VW ALLSTAR vehicles refer to the vehicle types Golf 7, Golf Sportsvan, Golf Variant, Golf Convertible, Polo, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Jetta, Scirocco and Sharan and bring already in the extensive basic equipment air conditioning, fog lights, alloy wheels and heated seats.

Special models with the following advantages:

Standard 5 year warranty

Price advantage

3 years worry-free: Maintenance Plus package a leasing contract (up to a term of 36 months and a mileage of 30,000 km per year)

All Star Automotive Used Cars:

With the extensive equipment and the price advantage, the new all-star models from Volkswagen have an excellent price/performance ratio. Under the motto “Technology for all,” you also have the opportunity to book innovative additional equipment for little extra money.

Thanks to the five-year warranty and the three-year Maintenance Plus package, you can drive the new vehicle carefree, and during a car lease, and repair services and inspection work such as brake disk replacement, engine oil change, and even wiper blades are replaced by Volkswagen free of charge.

All-Star Vehicles:

The VW Beetle Allstar and Beetle Convertible Allstar:

Unique and expressive, the model type Beetle and the Beetle Cabrio have already presented themselves in recent years. The special model from the ALLSTAR Edition now underlines its sporty appearance in the optional R-Line exterior with a diffuser at the rear and a spoiler. As standard, the Edition model also scores points with a ParkPilot, the RearView rearview camera, the Discover Media navigation system and the Composition Media radio system, making driving enjoyable.

The Sharan as a typical family van:

The flexible space concept of the VW Sharan special edition not only convinces the sports fanatic, families are equally enthusiastic about it. Depending on the equipment variant, it is available with seven seats that stand out due to the fabric cover anthracite. The electric sliding doors ensure excellent accessibility of the seats and a high level of comfort when entering. The ACC automatic cruise control not only ensures a relaxed driving experience but also provides plenty of road safety, as well as the LED daytime running lights and the Dynamic Light Assist. The optional ALLSTAR-Plus package includes 18-inch alloy wheels and a sports suspension and supports the sporty driving style of the family car.

The VW Golf special models:

Golf is not all about golf and this is clearly demonstrated by the ALLSTAR Golf Estate. It combines all the positive qualities of the VW Golf and perfects them with many appealing extras. The optionally available “ALLSTAR-Plus package” including light-alloy wheels and xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights and the “R-Line Exterior ALLSTAR” package with sports suspension, progressive steering and the “Singapore” light-alloy wheels ensure a high level of road safety and underline the sporty side of the Variant.

The VW Polo is also included!

With darkened rear and side windows as well as 15 ” alloy wheels and the radio system “Composition Color”, the Polo Allstar plays in its own league. The color touchscreen display and SD card slot provide the six speakers with music and enhance the mood. Fog lights with cornering lights are also integrated. In poor visibility and when turning in the dark, the street is fully illuminated. In addition, the chrome recessed on the air intake grille looks good.

The conclusion to the Allstar special models:

Anyone who decides to buy a vehicle from this latest edition benefits from a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. In addition, you will get All-star discount diesel, All-star car insurance. You will also get All-star Chevrolet used the car in our showroom. A high price advantage compared to a single purchase of various extras is granted, which makes a purchase so interesting.

PPS Motors: Volkswagen Authorized Dealer With Global-Class Traits

The Volkswagen Polo is already a hit in the market. Just last year was the second best-selling car in this region, just below the Volkswagen Golf and above Renault Clio, Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208 – in that order. With a history of more than 14 million units sold, the sixth generation of the Pole Hatchback is ready and aims higher than ever.

Under a new platform, each area of the new Polo was revised: a new range of more efficient engines, greater personalization options, a notable increase in interior space and a technological bath that addresses issues of sustainable mobility, safety, and connectivity.

The Volkswagen Polo is now almost as big as a Golf IV:

The subcompact of Wolfsburg grows 8.1 cm with respect to its last generation, with what remains in a total of 4 m along. Its figures are barely shorter than the fourth generation of the Volkswagen Golf – which gave off a Jetta that until recently was called Classic – although the wheelbase itself is longer: 5.3 cm, in particular. With a height reduction of just 7 mm and a growth of 69 mm across, Volkswagen ensures that there is no wider subcompact than the new Polo. The trunk, in addition, now offers a load capacity of 351 liters.

Between colors, interior decorations, wheels and upholstery, there are as many Polo as you can imagine. From the outside, you can see an evolved car in the style of Volkswagen, with the traditional horizontal lines so continuous, that untrained eyes – or very demanding – will say that it is very similar to the previous model and they are right because that is the key. Being one of the most popular in the segment, retaining the essence of the previous model also helps you to retain its popularity.

Anyway, headlights, skulls and every element of the exterior are completely new. In addition, with an eye on a young audience, the Volkswagen Polo now offers 14 color options for the body, 13 decorative moldings for the interior, 12 sets of wheels between 14 and 18 inches, a variety of 11 up to a holster for seats and two options of finishes for the interior. There are as many Polo as you can imagine.

Volkswagen Polo 2018

Volkswagen has always been a brand that creates boards in traditional ways. Functional, yes, but they do not add much when it comes to design. The Volkswagen Polo just wants to break the mold, now betting on more angular shapes, a greater combination of colors and textures, as well as an important digitization in the instrument panel and a deep update in the infotainment system.

Volkswagen Polo 2018 Interior:

Where before there were needles and a monochromatic screen that indicated consumption, now there is a full-color display that covers the instrument panel across and across. Volkswagen calls it Active Info Display, through which it shows relevant information of the car and driving: speed, consumption, browser instructions, audio system information, calls, alerts, etc. The brand ensures a very intuitive handling thanks to the simplification of the controls from the steering wheel: the change between menus is now done with a single button. Of course, all this remains in the plane of the optional.

Now insure with Volkswagen Polo. It is equipped with front-end collision warning with automatic braking and pedestrian detection, but in the plane of driving assists you can also dress with adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, blind spot monitoring, alert of crossed rear traffic and semiautomatic parking system.

Volkswagen Polo Most Popular Colors:

Most popular colors are White and Silver. But still, Volkswagen Polo is available in Reflex Silver Polo. Copper Orange, Night Blue, Carbon Steel, Candy White, and Flash Red.

VW Tiguan for Sale

VW has now rounded up the engine range of the new Tiguan and further expanded the possible engine-gearbox combinations.

The Tiguan in the booming segment of compact SUVs is considered a surefire system. In other words, whoever buys it is right and basically cannot go wrong. This also applies to the second generation, which has been on the market since April 2016. That is not evolution, but rather a revolution.

Respect what VW put on the wheels. Alone visually, Tiguan number two acts adult and more dynamic than before. It has edgy modern instead of curvy soft. And, more importantly, by switching to the MQB engineering kit he not only lost several pounds but was also noticeably more spacious and that without having become significantly fuller. In any case, with 4.49 meters in length, it is clear that it is still compact enough for the narrowness and the bustle of city traffic.

The new Tiguan is no longer one of the smallest SUVs of the segment to become. This model has grown almost 30 cm compared to its last generation, to accommodate a wider trunk and accommodate the third row of seats.

Volkswagen Tiguan Reviews:

As before, the new Tiguan can be dressed differently. Depending on your personal taste either with the R-Line exterior (including special bumpers and sill extensions) emphasizes sporty or with the off-road package in a discreet off-road look.

Depending on their position of the back seat, the load volume varies between 520 and 615 liters. The maximum is 1655 liters.

Comfortably not only in the first row but thanks to asymmetrically divided, by 18 centimeters longitudinally movable rear seat also behind; depending on their position, the loading volume varies between 520 and 615 liters. The maximum is 1655 liters.

From Comfortline series: Remote release for folding down the rear seat backrests, through-loading and fold-down passenger seat back. This makes the Tiguan a transporter for loads up to 2.50 meters long. The latter eliminates the otherwise annoying inner loading edge and also ensures a folded flat backrest for an almost flat cargo area. It is also worth thinking about the luggage compartment lighting, which can be taken out and used as a flashlight and the electric tailgate, which is also available with gesture control.

The cockpit is a clear and top process. The virtual, high-resolution Active Info Display with 12-inch diagonal. On the equipment side, the Tiguan world is reasonably pre-structured by three lines.

It is designed with air conditioning, leather steering wheel, on-board computer, light and rain sensor, radio and heated mirrors on. There are also seven airbags, a “Front Assist” with pedestrian detection and city emergency braking function as well as the lane assists “Lane Assist”.

Its equipment also offers goodies such as extended chrome applications, higher-quality CD radio, roof rails, front comfort seats, multifunction steering wheel, high-beam assistant, fatigue detection, fog lights, and folding tables on the backs of the front seats and park beeper front and rear.

In appearance, the Tiguan Highline is the most attractive of the range. It is the only model that carries LED headlights and 19-inch wheels, plus an extra dose of chrome that includes details in the lower air intake and inside the headlights. The lighting of the skulls is also LED and with a specific “animation” for this version when the brake is pressed.

His strokes, like good Volkswagen, are very horizontal, with square features and angular lines.

Price of Volkswagen Tiguan:

Tiguan Volkswagen cost is Rs. 27.98 Lakh for the Comfortline variant and Highline model price is Rs. 31.38 Lakh.

Beetle Volkswagen Cabriolet

The new Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet arrives. Volkswagen shows us the already awaited convertible version of the new generation of the Volkswagen Beetle. It is a line that following the steps of the coupe is renewed following now more straight patterns. The hood of the new Beetle does not feel bad at all.

 The new Beetle Volkswagen is a vast improvement on its predecessor and sportier than classic VW Beetle.

 The two new optional extras “Dune” and “Denim”, the Beetle convertible owner can also set many personal touches. The “Denim” convertible presents itself, for example, with a fabric hood in “Jeans Blue” and optionally with a metallic finish in “Stonewashed Blue”. The “Dune” convertible stands out especially with its pronounced black sills. But also in the three basic equipment lines, VW has refreshed the design of the Beetle convertible. In the basic and “design” equipment, the open Beetle received a more striking, sturdier front apron, while in the “R-Line”, a narrow ventilation slot above the bumper and a rear diffuser make the convertible even sportier. And in the dark, it now shines back on request with LED lights.

VW Beetle for Sale:

Whether basic or new special models – not everything has changed in the Beetle Cabriolet 2017. The dimensions have remained the same with a length of 4.29 and a wheelbase of 2.54 meters as space. This is generously sized inside for the two persons in the cockpit, in the rear space is enough only for a quick jaunt. In the trunk shrinks – through the fabric top and its bulky cover – the already limited storage volume of the coupe on 225 liters together. The fact that the about 20 centimeters shorter Fiat Spider convertible accommodates only 140 liters in the rear is a small consolation.

The Wolfsburg continues to drive extremely precise and light-footed. What he lacks with the larger wheels of the higher trim lines, however, is the last ounce of suspension comfort. Here VW’s adaptive suspension DCC would be worth gold – unfortunately, there is not that for the Beetle. This is ensured by an active rollover system, very good brakes and numerous driver assistants for a high level of safety.

Of course, there are engines for the Beetle Cabriolet as well, but in the model year 2017 they are the same as before: Three four-cylinder turbo gasoline engines from 105 to 220 hp and two four-cylinder turbo diesel with 110 or 150 hp. It goes without saying that the open beetle with the 220 hp 2.0 TSI is the most fun. Acceleration from 0 to 100 in less than 7 seconds and a top speed of 230 km / h make for a nice breeze. Those who want to tackle it more quietly and economically should, however, be best served with the 110 hp 2.0 TDI. 4.3 liters of standard and 5.5 liters in the test can also be fun.

Volkswagen Beetle Reviews:

A roll protection system is added to the Beetle safety section, supplying the protection offered by the hardtop of the coupe. A system that deploys “extendable modules” from the back of the rear seats in case of rollover with a millisecond activation, in addition to the usual airbags.

New colors, numerous customization possibilities, and two new special models bring a breath of fresh air into the Lifestyle Cabriolet. Overall Volkswagen Beetle has irresistibly cool styling, it is reasonably refined and a cabin which successfully melds functionality and retro.

Beetle Volkswagen Price:

Beetle Volkswagen is launched at a price of Rs. 28.73 Lakh which is the ex-showroom price. This new model is available in a single variant powered by a new improved petrol engine.

Volkswagen Festive Offers @ PPS Motors

Saturday, 09 September 2017 by

Volkswagen Festive Offers

Volkswagen India exclusively offers the customer benefit program for the coming festive season. To reach the maximum volume of sales with the festive season, Volkswagen Polo, Vento and Ameo models offer with the special benefits. Volkswagen Festive Offers only valid for this month (September 2017) only.

On all model variants:

  • Exchange/ Loyalty (20,000 + 20,000) on Polo, Vento and Ameo Variants
  • Anniversary Editions at Affordable Cost
  • Customer Benefit with GST Credit
  • VWFS Exclusive Offer is an added advantage


Volkswagen Polo offers for festive season

Volkswagen Vento:

Volkswagen Vento Offers in Festive Season

Volkswagen Ameo:

Volkswagen Ameo Offers in Hyderabad

Exchange + Loyalty is valid for Volkswagen to Volkswagen upgradation

For Exchange, customer to submit Exchange Claim documents

  • Old car purchase agreement
  • Invoice Copy of Old Car
  • Insurance Copy of Old Car
  • Transfer RC Copy, etc

Why thinking? For total information, Contact the nearest Volkswagen Dealer to get benefit on Volkswagen Cars.

Just a few days back, Volkswagen India has updated its website with the new Volkswagen Tiguan, which will be offered in the compact SUV segment. Just, the company has uploaded the image of the product with the title of new Volkswagen Tiguan coming soon. As per the earlier reports, the production of the Volkswagen Tiguan has already started at the local manufacturing facility in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Now, the company is waiting for good time to launch in the competitive segment in the Indian market.

Earlier, the Volkswagen was reported that the Tiguan SUV to be launched in May 2017 but, the fresh reports recommended that it will launch in the first week of the next month. In the Indian market, it was already introduced at 2016 Auto Expo motor show. In fact, the second generation of Volkswagen Tiguan is available in the global PV market and now, it is arriving for the first time in the Indian market.

Volkswagen Tiguan officially updated in website

Volkswagen Tiguan officially updated in website

Volkswagen Tiguan Specifications:

The upcoming car is structured based on the modular MQB platform, which also shares in the VW Group’s cars. It measures 4,486mm length, 1,839mm width, 2,095mm height and has 2,677mm wheelbase. The 5-seater SUV comes with the luggage space of 615 litres, which increase up to 1,655 litres if the rear seats down.

Let’s discuss with the mechanical specifications, the Tiguan will be offered by the 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine, which develops around 177 hp of power and 350 Nm of torque. The generated power will be distributed to the wheels via the automatic gearbox (7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission). The Tiguan to be offered with the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system.

Equipment of VW Tiguan is sourced from Germany and assembled at the local facility in Maharashtra. Upcoming new VW car will compete with the Jeep Compass and Hyundai Tucson and cost around Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 lakhs in ex-showroom. Get in touch with the VW car dealers to get updates about the new product.

Volkswagen Vento Highline Plus

To rapidly increasing the brand name of Volkswagen in the Indian automotive industry, the German carmaker has introduced the new Vento Highline Plus, which costs at Rs. 10.84 lakhs in ex-showroom, Mumbai. The new car is equipped with the aesthetic and stylish upgrades to provide new generation customers with the new offerings. It is the top-end trim level of the existing Vento and available with the three new features, rear view camera, LED DRLs and LED headlamps.

The interior design and equipment of the Vento Highline Plus are similar to the existing Highline trim. The 15-inch Zirkonia alloy wheels also borrowed from the Vento Highline. Coming to the functional equipment, the new Highline Plus is offered with the touchscreen infotainment system with the reverse parking camera and remains unchanged from the VW Vento Highline.

The new Highline Plus is offered in both petrol and diesel variants with the combination of three engine options and two transmission options. The petrol variant comes with the 1.6-litre 105PS MPI engine, which is mated to the manual gearbox, whereas the diesel variant offered with the grouping of 1.5-litre 110PS TDI engine and manual gearbox.

The Highline Plus petrol automatic is powered by the 1.2-litre TSI engine, which returns 105PS of power, whereas the diesel automatic features 1.5-litre TDI engine rated at 110PS of power. Along with the new features, the Vento car range is enhanced at regular intervals.

The new one comes with the ABS, dual front airbags, multi-function steering wheel, rear air conditioning vents, cooled glove box, 3D effect tail lamps, shining front and rear bumpers, auto-dimming IRVM, as well offered as standard equipment.

New Vento Highline Plus Prices:

Vento Highline Plus Petrol (Manual) – Rs. 10,84,550

Vento Highline Plus Petrol (Automatic) – Rs. 12,06,302

Vento Highline Plus Diesel (Manual) – Rs. 12,20,163

Vento Highline Plus Diesel (Automatic) – Rs. 13,42,677

Volkswagen Vento Highline+ is available at authorised VW dealerships.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen India is continuously introducing the new cars in the country for aspirational Indian young customers. German automaker, Volkswagen announced that the upcoming Volkswagen SUV, named as Volkswagen Tiguan, has started production at the Aurangabad plant in Maharashtra.

The premium SUV will launch in this year in the country and cater to the never-ending demand in the most popular SUV segment. The Tiguan SUV will be offered with a pack of the 2-litre diesel engine and the 7-speed automatic gearbox.

Volkswagen Tiguan Interior & Exterior:

The Tiguan has the user-friendly and drive-focussed interior with the leather-wrapped steering wheel with multiple functions, including taking control of your music, road and more, heated front seats, keyless access, as well. Moreover, the exterior is attractive with the panoramic sunroof, LED DRLs, alloy wheels, more. The list of complete features of the Volkswagen Tiguan yet to be know.

For the first time, the Tiguan was showcased at the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo and it will compete with the Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner. The new generation customers will have a variety of portfolio, extending from hatchback to sedan to meet their perquisites in terms of technology and features.

As per the report, along with the premium SUV, the VW Passat sedan to be launched by the company in this year. Very recently, the company has launched VW GTI, performance-oriented hatchback in the premium car brand range. Now, the German car company is planning to introduce two more products in this year.

The competition between the branded cars is high in the automotive industry as the segment of passenger cars has been achieving highest sales for past years. In India, almost people, including middle-class and rich families have at least one car for either official or personal purposes. Unlike the previous generation customers, the next generation people are looking for technology-based, feature-rich and safety systems enabled cars for their joyful ride. So that the carmakers concentrate on upcoming cars, which will accomplish the all-generation customer’s requirements.

Which Volkswagen Is For You?

Saturday, 28 January 2017 by

Have you been thinking lately of buying a Volkswagen but you are not sure which one would be best for you. This German car company has brought some of the best cars to the Indian roads. The comfort of a Volkswagen and the splendid specifications of the cars make sure that they suit almost any individual who is planning to buy a car. So let us find out which Volkswagen car may be best for you.

  1. Volkswagen Polo–If you are looking for a hatchback that allows you a smooth driving experience then the Polo is a great investment. It is small, it is available at a budgeted price and the interiors as well as exteriors of the car is amazing. Whether it is the looks or the power of the car, for a hatchback, the Polo brings ample pleasure to the owner.
  1. Volkswagen Cross Polo – While Polo has been one of the most liked hatchbacks on the roads, the Cross Polo brings a sporty look to this hatchback giving it an edgy look. The Cross Polo is for those who like something sporty and would end up driving their cars in different terrains and not just the roads. While it may not be as powerful as an SUV, the Cross Polo is definitely great for a sporty hatchback.
  1. Volkswagen Vento – If you like something more sophisticated then the Vento aptly fits the bill. The word Vento means wind in Italian and Portuguese and this car feels just like wind when you drive it. It is a stretched version of the Polo and offers more legroom and the look of a sedan. The Vento interior is very similar to that of the Polo.
  1. Volkswagen Jetta–The Jetta is great for people who like something classy. This executive sedan is beautiful and performs exceptionally well. With both petrol and diesel options, this car is sleek and comes in a number of variants. While the price of a Jetta is comparatively higher than the other Volkswagen cars, those who own it find it worth the price. For Volkswagen Jetta price in Hyderabad, you can check with PPS Motors.



  1. Volkswagen Ameo – Another sedan which offers great looks, a splendid performance and ensures affordability, the Ameo is for those who want to own an affordable sedan. As it goes with the Volkswagen brand, there are no compromises with the design and performance.


So if you are planning to buy a Volkswagen, now you would know which one will be perfect for you.