Dear Customers, we are accepting NEFT, RTGS, CARDS , CHEQUES or DD’S in all our branches.


Cashless claim settlement at all VW dealers across the country

Transparency in claims settlement

Repairs at dealers would not invalidate Warranty

Assurance of repairs using geniune spare parts at dealers by trained technician

No depreciation to be paid for repairs in event of accident if opted for Drive Assure

Protect Engine, which is not covered by manufacturer or insurance

Access to our 24x7 call centre (1800-209-6262)

Avail Insurance Services

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Key Features

Motor Insurance - Co-branded one year Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

Drive Assure - This is value added insurance product to reduce financial burden and it is available in 2 variants

1.Drive assure economy

2.Drive Assure Elite

Drive Assure Economy covers :No depreciation on parts will be charged in event of accident. Engine Protector covers damage to engine from accidental leakage of oil - Engine & Gear box seizure due to undercarriage damage (Engine Protector covers ingression of water leading to damage of engine. - Hydrostatic lock)

Drive assure Elite covers :All covers under Drive Assure Economy, Vehicle Replacement Advantage and Accidental Shield.

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