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Volkswagen Tiguan Review, Key Specifications & On-road Price

Volkswagen recently launched the new Tiguan with a blend of style and power which is backed by its strong brand value. With innovative technology and superior luxury and safety features, the new Volkswagen Tiguan has everything to offer for experiencing the most thrilling rides. Encompassing all the advanced features, you can still own the Tiguan at just Rs. 26.57 lakh....

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 The People’s Vehicle     A strong foothold in Indian car market is crucial for any carmaker to maintain an upper hand in automotive industry dynamics across the globe.   Over the last few decades Volkswagen has steadily gained a market India unlike any foreign automotive and if you are going to buy a Volkswagen anytime soon here’s all the assurance, you...

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The Best Volkswagen Servicing Centres in Hyderabad

Are you constantly on the lookout for the best Volkswagen Dealers in Hyderabad to suit your varied service requirements but do not know where to start? Well, just follow us through this blog and we’re sure you’ll crack it on your own! Volkswagen India has extended its signature 4ever care service inclusive of 100000 kilometres manufacturer’s warranty, 3 complimentary services...

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What’s the best place to service your car - Local Garage or Authorized Service Center?

When our car needs general servicing or overhauling, some of us look for a trusted service center while others reach out to a local garage.  There is a common myth prevailed in the market that the authorized service centers charge more than the local garages. Most of the people assume that both authorized service centers and local garages will render...

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Why and How to Regularly maintain your Volkswagen

As the saying says “Fill it, shut it and forget it” is the true way of driving a Volkswagen.   Here’s where you need to go to keep it that way. Volkswagen has enjoyed the reputation of being a leading car brand in India not just due to the superiority of the cars, but also due to a good service...

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