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Experience The True SUVness with Volkswagen T-Roc BS6

For those who are great admirers of SUV and wish to get enormous style, comfort and technological features along with remarkable style, here is good news for you.  The revolutionary German automaker – Volkswagen is planning to launch T-Roc in India with BS6 compliant engine anytime between Feb-April 2020. Back in date, it has been already exhibited at the 2014...

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Car Care Tips: When Should You Replace the Thermostat?

A car thermostat is accountable for stopping your engine from overheating. Unless an engine overheats or fails to come to a normal operating temperature after being driven for numerous miles, the thermostat which controls the flow of coolant is probably working properly. Thermostats generally last for years — sometimes even for the lifetime of a vehicle — so why worry...

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