How Not To Get Scammed While Buying A New Car

If you are buying a new car for the first time, it’s obvious that you will be worried which car to buy and what features it should have! Also, you ponder about the affordability, safety, security, quality and efficiency of the car as it is a big decision to take with a huge amount of money. Here comes a tough task after finalizing the vehicle as you have to deal with the showroom staff. Finding a trusted dealer is not always easy, because you may get scammed and tricked which eventually ends up paying more than the real price of the vehicle.

Here are Tips to Avoid Scams while Buying A New Car

1.Online Car Buying Scams

In the world of digitalization, most of the consumers are interested to buy everything online. When it comes to buying a car, consumers are primarily focusing on the customer reviews, offers, authorized dealers, detailed car listings, vehicle history reports and much more. But you got to be careful before you believe in something, because scammers use internet as a platform to attract potential customers.

2.Extra Charges

Generally, most of the manufacturers quote the ex-showroom price without any taxes. When you have to take it on roads and legally register your car, you will have to pay the extra charges like registration charges, insurance and other charges. Irony is many dealerships also include handling charges in the price quotation. You shouldn’t have to pay any handling charges as many courts have considered them as unlawful.

3.Compulsory Accessories

Whether you are a new customer or already owning a car, you may have to pay a huge amount in the name of mandatory accessories, if you are not cautious about the pricing. It’s just a selling strategy of the dealer which states that the vehicle cannot be handed over without the compulsory accessories. Please note that there is no such thing that the customer has to buy accessories from the dealer along with the brand new vehicle. You can go ahead and buy them if you think those are necessary.

4.Insurance Policies

It is certain that you have to take an insurance policy if you are going to buy a new car. But any policy from any insurer will not serve the 100% purpose. Hence before signing up, you should check the policy type, security and what are all the parts/services covered in it. Always read and understand the policy, terms & conditions and the services offered, because dealerships usually have tie-ups with the insurance companies to sell their low-selling policies.


You will be in cloud nine after buying a brand-new car of your dreams. Taking advantage of the situation, the showroom’s staff most likely to play a trick to sell-off their car paints protection coatings like Teflon. In fact, the coatings provided by many dealerships are not up to the mark and it will last for only a few days. It is your call whether you want to get such coatings done or save money by avoiding such stuff.

Well, for the first time buyers it seems complicated in dealing with these tricks as well as tricksters. But with little research and awareness it is quite easy to find out any deceitful activities or cons at the time of buying. If you made up your mind to buy a world-class Volkswagen car and looking for a reliable dealer in Hyderabad, here is a one stop solution for all your automotive needs. PPS Motors is an authorized and trust source to buy a Volkswagen car and it always puts its customer first in order to serve them better. Why late? Rush to your nearest PPS Motors Showroom, Hyderabad to buy a brand-new Volkswagen car without any hassles while not getting scammed.

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