Car Care Tips: What Are The Things To Follow Before You Store Your Car

We have already entered the most chilling season – winter. Is your car ready to take you to a set of exciting winter trips? Some of us may want to store their cars for winter considering the climatic conditions of a few North regions of India. If you are staying in such climatic conditions, it’s strongly recommended to do take proper care of your car for winter. Read through the article to know how to store your car. Before getting straight into it, here is an advice that comes in handy. If you are facing any problem with your Volkswagen, take it to our Volkswagen service center in HyderabadIt is ever ready to offer you the best repair and service jobs at genuine pricing. So, visit PPS Motors today for any Volkswagen service and repair related jobs.

Well, from washing and waxing to cleaning the cabin, people pamper their cars in all kinds of ways. But it’s equally important to pay attention to your car before you store it for a long time. Here are a few tips to ensure your car is in good shape even during winter.

The Last Detail

Regularly clean your car, inside and out, before storage. After cleaning, put a car cover on it. It is recommended to give your ride a good hand wash, polish up that chrome and put on a coat of wax to the paint. Also keep in mind to park your car away from trees to avoid chances of tree-sap droppings.

If you find unpainted metal areas under your vehicle that are likely to catch rust, get a can of rubberized undercoating and spray on a shielding coat, minding that it needs to be reapplied once in a year at least. Be cautious not to spray this coating closer to any exhaust components that can become hot, since products like this are inflammable. Stuff a sock in the exhaust pipe so that small animals, like rats, rodents, won’t set up their house, but don’t forget to take it out before you start the car again.

Make sure that your car’s cabin is thoroughly cleaned without any food wrappers, food particles and dirt which attract mice and other small animals.


Inflate your tires to a higher air pressure before you store your car because tires can gradually lose pressure over time and with temperature changes. However, bear in mind to not to exceed the tire’s maximum air pressure, which is mentioned on the side of the tire, and make sure to inflate all four tires to the correct air pressure when you take your car out of storage. If you find that one of your tires has a leak, replace it to avoid worn-outs.

Fluids and Power

It’s advisable to change your car’s oil and oil filter as well as inspect and refill all other fluid levels before storing your car. If you live in a colder climate, ensure your car has an adequate amount of antifreeze. Once you’ve refilled the fluids and added fuel stabilizer, take your vehicle out for one last ride to mix the new fluids before your car get stored.

Car Cover

Buy a quality car cover for storage which keeps your car safe from outside dirt and dust. If you have to store your car outdoors, ensure that cover is waterproof and firmly fixed to your car, so heavy winds don’t blow it off. Remember to not to cover your car with a plastic tarp as it will severely graze the paint.

A basic car cover is advisable if you store your car inside because it can protect your car’s freshly waxed exterior from collecting dust and dirt. Furthermore, check all the windows and doors are completely closed and that valuables and necessities are taken out of the passenger compartment — so that you don’t have to open a covered, storage-ready car just to take your mobile’s USB charger. Remove the antenna and put it in the trunk or on the floor by the passenger seat so it’s readily available for reinstallation.

Above are the few important steps to follow before you put your car for storage. Following the listed will keep your car safe and secured while keeping it in the good state. Like I said, for other issues and general service or major repairs, you can visit our Volkswagen service center in Khajaguda as it is one of the best Volkswagen service centers in Hyderabad.

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