When you notice that your air conditioner blows only slightly cool air or no cool air at all, it’s time to probe the refrigerant and its condenser as it is a vital component of your vehicle’s cool air system. It may needs air-conditioning recharge, but there’s more to it than just filling up. Because the most likely cause for low levels is a leak in the air-conditioning system as the refrigerant operates in a closed system. If you find out what exactly went wrong, you can take the right action to get it fixed. Take your car to any reliable servicing center which has qualified technicians to inspect the system for evident leaks in hoses, pipes or the air-conditioning compressor, and make repairs as necessary.

Most of us may not have an idea what condenser is. To understand how it works just read on. The air conditioner condenser is a radiator placed between the car’s grille and the radiator for the motor. In the condenser, the gaseous refrigerant shacks heat and returns to a liquid state. Precisely, the condenser condenses the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. The liquid refrigerant flows to the evaporator inside the dashboard to cool the cabin. If your car is not cool enough for you, the warm air might be the result of a clogged A/C condenser coil or broken cooling fan. A leak in the condenser can also cause a loss of refrigerant and, consequently, less ability to shed heat and, thus, warmer air in the vehicle.

How should you know if your air-conditioning condenser has gone bad?

Anyone can easily sense if air-conditioning condenser has gone bad as the air in the cabin will be warmer than you need, or your will see foggy windows. If there are leaks in refrigerant, the air conditioner won’t give much cold air. Interestingly an ultraviolet dye can detect the leaks on the refrigerant. Air-conditioning output also can be reduced by crud that builds up on the front of the condenser, and dusting the condenser may refurbish its cooling performance.

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How frequently should you replace air-conditioning condenser?

Unlike the other equipment in the air-conditioning system, the condenser usually doesn’t need servicing as long as the system is delivering cold air. Some mechanics recommend intermittently checking the condenser for signs of

damage or corrosion and doing an external cleaning or internal flush if needed to maintain cooling performance.

When do you have to install a replacement air-conditioning condenser?

As air-conditioning condenser is a vital part of your car’s air conditioning, and you won’t be able to see if the unit is broken. Some condensers can be cleaned superficially by hosing off the fins while others can be cleared of slop with an inside flush, but many mechanics’ recommends installing a replacement condenser for one that is clogged or corroded.

Why Does Your Air Conditioning Need Recharging?

It’s quite frustrating if you have to travel on hot, sunny days with a nonfunctional cooling system. It’s really not necessary as many car owners think they need to recharge or “top off” their air-conditioning system with refrigerant on a regular or annual basis. Unless your car’s A/C needs to be repaired, you need not “top off” the system. If the air conditioning stops working but the fan continues to blow warm air, a leak in a hose, connector or other part of the system is probably the reason.

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