Car Maintenance Tips: When Do I Have to Change My Car’s Fuel Filter?

Though replacing a fuel filter isn’t scheduled as a regular maintenance item on most car models, and in those circumstances it generally doesn’t require attention unless it’s spotted as the cause of hard starting, loss of power, hesitancy or related issues. Any time if you are facing such issues with your car bring it to our Volkswagen service center in Hyderabad and get it fixed with great quality and best price. Our qualified team of technicians is more than happy to assist you in terms of all your repair or service requirements.


As you learn fuel filter doesn’t need to change regularly until it’s damaged or causing glitches in starting vehicle, you can relax. But if you own Volkswagen, you are suggested to change it every 20,000 miles. Besides, do you want to know, how regularly you have to change engine coolant?

However, some car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz, commend intervallic replacement of the fuel filter. VW, for example, recommends replacing it every 20,000 miles on many modern models, and some other car makers like Subaru says you should install a new one every 60,000 miles. Mercedes used to generally recommend replacing a new filter every 30,000 miles, but most recent models say to change it every 150,000 miles or 15 years.

Whether a fuel filter requires periodic service can also differ by model or engine within the same maker. On most Ford vehicles, for example, the fuel filter isn’t stated in the maintenance schedule. If you drive a diesel-powered F-250 pickup truck, though, Ford calls for both fuel filters (one on the engine, another on the frame) to be replaced every 15,000 miles. Other manufacturers may have similar recommendations for their diesel engines’ fuel systems; check with yours to be sure you’re replacing the filter at the right intervals.

If the fuel filter isn’t listed as a maintenance item, it might be that the filter is integrated with the fuel pump inside or on the fuel tank. To replace it, you have to replace the whole setup.

The filter is supposed to grasp and remove any contaminants and impurities from the fuel line that could harm the engine. Sediment can get into a vehicle’s fuel tank when you pump fuel from the bottom of a storage tank at a gas station, and that can clog the filter or restrict the flow of fuel.

Well, being a proud owner of Volkswagen, it’s your take to maintain it well for enjoying smoother rides for many years to come. Hence, don’t give a deaf ear to any of the engine, maintenance or fuel related problems. It’s always better to take the right action at the right time in order to get fruitful results. So, don’t delay until it’s too late. Bring your car to one of the best Volkswagen service centers in the city, in other words PPS Motors, and drive away with contentment.

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