Dominating Powered Model – Volkswagen Polo GTI

The new Volkswagen Polo GTI India has just come to light only a few days ago and we already know the details of what will be its sportiest version. It is the GTI variant, which will boast features and which seems to be the culmination of its category in the Volkswagen Group with the Audi S1, which develops 231 HP of power.

This figure would be far from the 200 hp developed by the 2.0-liter TSI block that will assemble the Volkswagen Polo GTI 2017. This engine can be associated with both a six-speed manual gearbox and a DSG automatic transmission. It has a double clutch with seven gears. The block is responsible for replacing the already obsolete 1.8 TSI, which delivered 192 hp and which seems to have ended the era of ‘downsizing’. The benefits of the new GTI have not been revealed, although it should exceed those of its predecessor by far-from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 236 km / h.

Just a few days ago, the Volkswagen Polo 2018 was unveiled, the urban German brand that now incorporates more technology to get closer to his older brother the Golf. Precisely the version that concerns us today has its origin in the Golf, the GTI in this case.

Volkswagen Polo GT Interior:

Polo GT Interior is elegant and catchy. The front grille is covered by a strip of red color that can be extended to LED optics if requested an option. For the rest, the interior has the classic checkered upholstery “Clark”, specific instrumentation, the leather sports steering wheel with decorative red stitching and all the upholstery of the roof and the rest of the interior in black.

To finish, the interior of this car will include the classic checkered upholstery of the Volkswagen GTI. In this case, it receives the name of Clark and it is combined with red seams present in the seats, the steering wheel or the knob of the gearshift. The mats will be exclusive and the roof will be finished in black. Also, being the top version of the range, the standard equipment will include all the news that we explain in the news of its presentation, as a digital instrumentation or a large multimedia screen in its central console.

The new Volkswagen Polo GTI arrives with interesting novelties, not only in the aesthetic section where it adopts the curious design line of the new model but also at the mechanical level. The new engine of more displacement with 200 horses, adaptive suspension and LED headlights are just three of the details that make it more attractive.

Because the Volkswagen Polo GTI 2018 we can say that it is more car in many aspects. On the one hand, it grows slightly in size with the arrival of this sixth generation, going from the previous 3.97 meters to 4.05 meters. The battle grows by 9 centimeters, which should confer more stability.

Exterior appearance with GTI essence:

Aesthetically draws attention among the other colleagues in the Polo range, mainly by the body with specific details such as the bumper with larger air intakes and integrated fog lamps, the grille in the form of honeycomb or GTI insignia with a profile in red that is distributed by the body.

It has a rear wing larger than that of a normal pole, the double exhaust or tires that are 17-inch series and can be ordered in option 18. Inside, the brake parts in red look the GTI logo.

To make the most of the performance of the engine, it has a standard ‘Sports Select’ chassis, lowered by 15 mm to keep it well attached to the ground. In addition, you can choose DSG gearbox or six-speed manual.

Volkswagen Polo GTI Price in India:

Three-door version price of Polo GTI in India is 25.65 Lakh (Ex-showroom).

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