Gaining Consumer Trust in Car Connectivity

Innovation is the need of the hour and it keeps on going at a lightning speed. Shoppers need to be certain that these best in class devices have a genuine reason, and they are made after taking into consideration the life of the present fast paced generation where comfort is given very much prominence.

The present car companies are focusing more on the use of technology in their cars because those are the most attractive features which a customer looks into before purchasing the car. Due to the advanced safety features in the latest cars the drivers are now feeling more secure and tension free while driving.

For example the Morris Garages, the five-seater SUV is dubbed as India’s first Internet car. The car is equipped with Morris Garages iSMART Next Gen Technology. The SUV comes with futuristic features like Voice Assistant, Connectivity Features, Built-in Voice Assistant, Live navigation, Electric Parking Brake, Remote Vehicle Control, Machine-to-machine embedded IPV6 SIM (it is 5G ready) and it also has futuristic security features like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Over-The-Air updates, and more. These are some of the most important features which a driver considers

The Current State of Connected-Car Hardware

Moderators at the Connected Cars Europe 2017 meeting in Brussels focused on that to guarantee the associated vehicle experience is effective, a strong foundation or environment of all gatherings engaged with the associated versatility administration industry must be made.

Driverless vehicles could possibly be in the short term – the ebb and flow mechanization levels of most vehicles today are just 0 to 1 (with 5 thought about complete robotization). In any case, genuine mechanization isn’t simply with one vehicle, without anyone else; it implies vehicles can associate with different vehicles around them. 

The Next Generation

It implies that joint effort between different associated applications must be a continuous and cognizant choice; however, what hinders transmissions is the time it takes them to travel through systems. While a few organizations inside the business are creating imaginative interfaces, others, for example, HPE and the 5G Lab in Germany are analysing data to create higher-performing frameworks.

What Is More Important?

The need of the hour is more customers are now used to easy operations and latest features in their vehicles. Due to these advancements many are looking for latest features and their expectations are increasing day by day. Keeping this aspect in mind even the car manufacturers whenever they are updating the existing car model or whenever they are releasing a car  in the market, they are coming up with latest and first-of-its kind features just to attract the buyers.

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