Car Care Tips: How dangerous it is to drive with bad shock absorbers!

Not intending to shock you, but yes, it can be pretty dangerous to drive with bad shocks. Worn or bad shocks can adversely impact your cars handling, braking and cornering capability.

There’s nothing worse than expecting a car to handle a definite way, only for it to handle totally another way, catching you off guard and possibly getting you into risky conditions. There are a few divulging signs which specify you’ve got bad shocks. Before getting straight into the topic, let me quickly give you an advice. If you have ever experienced any problem with your shock absorbers or you are already facing issues with such thing, it is strongly recommended to visit our authorised Volkswagen service center in HyderabadPPS Motors with a great reputation in the market for several years, offering you an array of service and repair jobs with utmost quality.

Well, let’s learn those telltale indications which state your shock absorbers gone bad.

  1. Vibration from the steering wheel while driving

Though a bit of vibration is usual every often, this sort of shuddering will be extreme and rather evident, even on smooth, flat roads. The higher your speed, the more harmful these vibrations become as they could decrease your capability to handle the car.

  1. Your car diverges or nose plunges while braking

If, when you hit on the brakes, the nose of your car dips severely, this could be a signal that your shocks are on their way out. Even worse, if braking causes your car to swerve, this is a certain reason for alarm and can be specifically unsafe in wet weather.

  1. Braking takes longer than normal to stop the car

Believe it or not, your shock absorbers add to how rapidly your car can come to an entire stop once you’ve hit the brakes. If your shocks are damaged, this distance could be much extended than you’re used to.

In an emergency braking situation, having shocks in good condition could be the difference between stopping in time or causing an accident.

  1. Your tires are wearing unevenly

Worn shocks struggle to keep your tyres firmly and evenly on the road.

This makes your tires to wear unequally which is always possibly hazardous, but mostly so when driving on wet roads as it improve the chances of skidding.

  1. Too much body roll or ‘bounce’

High performance sports machines aside, most vehicles roll out of the factory with suspension that intends to make your trip as smooth and suave as possible.

If you start observing your car rebounding extremely after going over a bump, or it starts feeling as if it’s going to tip over when going around a corner, your shocks may have been damaged.

  1. Bad shocks cannot cope with the pressure and weight of the car.

Not only does this affect the performance of the car, it can also lead to other parts taking up more strain than they’re built to handle.

Anything that triggers your vehicle to run poorly, particularly in regards to its capability to stop, corner or handle well should certainly be deemed unsafe.

  1. Best to get this problem fixed out as soon as possible.

If you unexpectedly experience one of the above signs while on the road, your next stop should be with a skilled mechanic in order to ensure your car is safe to drive.

If you’re not sure whether you should be driving your car at all, we encourage you to book an appointment at PPS Motors as it the best Volkswagen service center in Khajaguda and get your vehicle inspected.

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