The Volkswagen Virtus - Redefining Elegance

The Volkswagen Virtus is indeed an impressive vehicle that aims to redefine elegance in the automotive industry. It is a compact sedan designed and manufactured by Volkswagen, known for its German engineering and high-quality craftsmanship. The Virtus combines sleek and sophisticated design elements with advanced technology and comfort features, making it a standout choice in its class.

The Volkswagen Virtus' attractive and contemporary appearance, which keeps up with current automotive trends, is one of the things that contributes to its appeal. The car has a sporty, dynamic appearance because of its sleek shape and strong lines. The car has a contemporary look that is additionally enhanced by the front grille and LED headlights. To find the Virtus on Road Price, talk to the staff of PPS Volkswagen Showrooms in Kolkata.

Volkswagen Virtus Design


One of the key aspects of the Virtus is its exterior design. It features clean lines, a streamlined profile, and a modern aesthetic that exudes elegance. The car's well-proportioned body and precise details contribute to its sophisticated appeal. Volkswagen has carefully crafted the Virtus to have a timeless design that stands out on the road, making a statement wherever it goes.


Inside the Virtus, you'll find a well-appointed cabin that reflects Volkswagen's commitment to luxury and comfort. The interior is designed with high-quality materials, including soft-touch surfaces, premium upholstery, and refined trim elements. The seats are ergonomically designed to provide excellent support and comfort for both the driver and passengers, especially in the Volkswagen Virtus GT.

Volkswagen Virtus Features

Technologically, the Virtus offers a range of advanced features and connectivity options. It comes equipped with a user-friendly infotainment system that integrates seamlessly with smartphones, providing access to navigation, media, and other applications. Additionally, the car offers features like touchscreen controls, voice recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced driver-assistance systems for enhanced convenience and safety.

Performance-wise, the Virtus is powered by efficient and responsive engines, delivering a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. It offers a balance of power and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for both city driving and long-distance journeys. Volkswagen has also focused on optimizing the car's suspension and handling dynamics to ensure a comfortable and composed ride. Find more about the features as you visit PPS Volkswagen Dealers in Kolkata.

What is the user mileage of Volkswagen Virtus?

The user mileage of the Volkswagen Virtus can vary depending on various factors such as driving conditions, driving style, maintenance, and the specific engine and transmission configuration of the vehicle. Additionally, different countries may have different fuel efficiency standards and testing procedures, which can impact reported mileage figures.

According to Volkswagen's official specifications, the Virtus offers a range of engines with different fuel efficiency ratings. These ratings are typically provided in terms of liters per 100 kilometers (L/100 km) or miles per gallon (mpg). It's important to note that these figures are usually obtained under controlled laboratory conditions and may not perfectly reflect real-world driving conditions. To know the Volkswagen Virtus top model price and mileage, contact PPS Motors.

To get a more accurate estimate of the user mileage for the Volkswagen Virtus in your specific driving conditions, it is advisable to visit PPS Volkswagen for information and feedback from current Virtus owners. Additionally, using fuel consumption tracking apps or devices may help you monitor and calculate your personal fuel efficiency based on your driving habits and patterns.

What is the ground clearance of Virtus?

The ground clearance of the Volkswagen Virtus may vary depending on the specific model, trim level, and any optional equipment or modifications. The standard ground clearance for the Virtus sedan is approximately 143 millimeters* (5.63 inches).

It's important to note that ground clearance measurements can also be affected by factors such as the load in the vehicle, tire size, and suspension setup. Additionally, different markets or regions may have slight variations in ground clearance due to differences in specifications or regulations. PPS Volkswagen Cars Showrooms in Bangalore provides the latest information about the Volkswagen Virtus that has been getting upgrades.

Does Virtus have rain sensing wipers?

Yes, the Volkswagen Virtus is equipped with rain-sensing wipers in certain configurations and trim levels. Rain-sensing wipers are a feature that automatically detects rainfall on the windshield and adjusts the wiper speed accordingly. This allows the wipers to activate and adjust their speed based on the intensity of the rain, providing convenience and ensuring optimal visibility for the driver.

However, it's important to note that the availability of rain-sensing wipers may depend on the specific model, trim level, and optional packages chosen for the Virtus. Therefore, it's advisable to consult the official Volkswagen website, contact a Volkswagen dealership, or review the vehicle's specifications to confirm whether rain-sensing wipers are included in the specific Virtus variant you are interested in.

Is there cruise control in Virtus?

Yes, the Volkswagen Virtus is equipped with cruise control in certain configurations and trim levels. Cruise control is a feature that allows the driver to set a desired speed, and the vehicle will maintain that speed without the need for continuous accelerator input. This feature can be particularly useful on long highway drives to help reduce driver fatigue and maintain a consistent speed.


In summary, the Volkswagen Virtus represents a new standard of elegance in the compact sedan segment. With its refined design, luxurious interior, advanced technology, and impressive performance, the Virtus offers a compelling package for those seeking a sophisticated and stylish vehicle. To discover the relevant variants that suit your requirements and take a test drive, visit the PPS Volkswagen Dealers Showrooms in Bangalore. PPS Volkswagen has its presence in many other locations such as Anantapur, Tirupati, Bangalore, Khammam, Hyderabad, Warangal, and Karimnagar. Find the Volkswagen Virtus price in India, as you visit and purchase at your nearest showroom.

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