10 Things Everyone Needs To Know Before Taking Their Car In For A Service

Are you taking your car in for a service for the first time?. Here is a list of things you should know before going to a car service center. These tips will help you to avoid getting duped.

1. Prepare a Job Sheet

It is always a good practice to list down the issues on a notepad and prepare a job sheet irrespective of the service center where you get your car service done. Tell the mechanic clearly about all the issues that need to be taken care of. We usually forget to mention the issues several times at the time of car service, though how badly we prepare ourselves not to forget. Precisely, in such scenarios, the job sheet helps us in sharing all the issues without forgetting a thing. Also, it serves as a communication medium between the mechanic and the service advisor. While taking the delivery, ensure that every issue has been attended.

2. Get the Detailed Bill

Take a detailed bill for each service/item to not get scammed. You need to check the price of the item with the service advisor before giving your car for service. Be vigilant and check everything carefully from the price list.

3. Engine Oil / Transmission Oil

As the engine is the soul of every car, you should be vigilant in case of engine oil change and filter change, which keeps it functioning correctly. The same applies to transmission oil though it does not have a filter. You can find out the difference between the new oil and the used oil with its color and purity. Generally the new oil is light in color whereas the used oil is in dark color.

4. Coolant / Brake Fluid

Generally engine coolant loses its properties after a few thousand kilometers, hence it’s essential to change it every often. Sometimes you need to replace or refill the brake fluid too based on the original engine manufacturer’s advice. So ensure that it will be done when you go for a car service.

5. Take out Belongings / Tool kit / Boot

Before giving your car for service, make certain that the tool kit and other personal stuff has been taken out of the car. If you miss out doing that you can request the service advisor to mention this on the work sheet to not get any spare wheel, toolkit, or other accessories misplaced.

6. Fuel level

Check the fuel level and ask the service advisor to note it down on the job sheet, so that you can avoid its misuse. Because some mechanics use your fuel for their relaxation using air conditioning.

7. Keep an eye on Odometer Reading

It is absolutely fine if mechanics take your car for a test drive of around 2 to 3 kilometers after service. This is a common practice everywhere to check whether the car is serviced properly and performing better. But you should be careful if it is misused expect in the cases of engine repairing as it needs a long test drive.

8. Condition of Tyres and Wheel Rotation & Balancing

During wheel alignment/rotation/balancing, there are possibilities of wheels swapping. Hence have a detailed look at the tyres and wheels before the delivery and ensure that you don’t get old tyres in the place of new existing tyres.

9. Check Air filter

Whenever you give your car for service, you should check the air filter as it is an important exercise to keep your engine’s performance powerful. It is not a tough task to practice every time as you can easily do it by opening the air filter housing and taking it out.

10. Go On A Test Drive With The Service Advisor

Sometimes we cannot clearly explain the problem with gears or performance of the engine until you let the service advisor know about it by driving the car. This will help him to understand the problem better and resolve it. After the service, go for a short test drive with the service advisor to check whether the issues were addressed.

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