Tiguan: It’s the Premium Sedan that Redefines Luxury, Safety & Style

Volkswagen Tiguan is as powerful as a tiger and as quick as Leguan making it the perfect premium sedan ever from the Volkswagen family.  It has everything one wishes for from the Volkswagen group. Let’s see what it is & what it has for us.

Exteriors state the style statement

Every angle that’s cult outside defines perfection & style. The peculiar lines going all through the body or for that instance the audacious bumper present at the forefront, elegant LED dotted rear lights and the grille that’s chrome finished state the style craft. Probably it’s the perfectly styled sedan.

Technology In & Out:

While the exteriors are stylish (one can know it from the looks) they are at the same time technology-filled.  The 4MOTION system- a sensible 4-wheel drive arrangement monitors the journey with every wheel movement. The 4MOTION controls the exact quantity of torque transmission depending on the terrain condition. This feature provides the superlative traction needed.

There’s also Drive Mode Selector which facilitates the Tiguan to adapt to the road & need. It has 4 modes – Normal, Snow, Offroad and Offroad Individual. These modes can be changed based on the need with just a turn of the nob.

What would you usually do to open your boot door: use remote, click the open button or some other conventional ways….right? but here it’s totally different just place your foot before the sensor present below the rear bumper and that’s it, it gets opened up. Place what you need to place and move away, as you move away from the sensor the boot door gets closed automatically.

Sky follows your drive:

The striking thing one can notice with Tiguan is the life-size sunroof that offers mesmerizing views. Literally, you see what the sky has. In addition to this beautiful view treat the sunroof has LED lights, making the interiors more exquisite.

Safety comes first:

The Tiguan as its predecessors hasn’t compromised on safety. Safety has new safe standards here. The 6 Airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) see to that you are safe and your drive is safe.

Hill Hold & Hill Descent Control

No matter, how high & how steep the hill is your Tiguan can scale. The hill hold & hill descent are there to keep your Tiguan in control. On sharp downs, Hill Hold reduces the chances of skids & control mishaps as you drive up and on descending slopes, Hill Descent Control controls for a safe drive down.

There’s also Active Hood Sensor for the safety of the pedestrians. In cases of collisions, the bumper at the front indicates the Active Hood and elevates it by lowering the damage.

With all these features taking driving experience to next level, it is available in 2.0L TDI diesel version with 17.06/L mileage. With 143 Ps Power and 340 Nm Torque, it gives the best speed along with the best safety.

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