Bringing back your imagination to life.

The newest face of the Volkswagen Polo GT is all set to revive your fondest memories of driving around with no roads, rules of codes; Where it was all just one big playground to turn the curves and steeps as you like. The new Polo GT’s Hot Hatch in a stunning sunset red shade with a new powerful TSI Engine is ready to bring back the fun in your driving.

The Volkswagen Polo GT Line

The new Volkswagen GT Line in its new avatar is built to fill you up with childlike glee and pump the adrenaline pump as you set out to race the world.

The Badge of Respect

Ride with the Volkswagen GT legacy as you carry the new chrome badge

PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-The Badge of Respect
PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Sleek Sunroof Line Spoiler

Sleek Sunroof & Line Spoiler

Sporty, tough and sleek.

A glossy roof and impact resistant side spoiler make a powerful style statement

A new Vibrant colour

Remember the flashy red rides you enjoyed as a kid. The sunset red shade of the new Polo GT is all set to dazzle the roads just the same.

PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-A New Vibrant Color

It all begins with design

Introducing a play on design inspired from your playground.

Honeycomb front grille, Stylized Bumper, Dual beam headlamps & Fog lamps
PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Front Grill
PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Rear Bumper and Tail Lamp
Rear Bumper with diffuser & Iconic tail lamps.
Sporty new Side Skirts & R16 ‘portago’ Grey Alloys
PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Sporty new Side Skirts
PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Opening Lever
Opening Lever with Logo
Black ORVM &Electronically Foldable Side Mirrors
PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Flodable Side Mirrors

And gets fancier on the inside

Because nothing should come in the way of a fun driving experience.

Multi-functional Steering control with voice command

You command, the car moves;

The new Polo GT gives you the convenience of navigating, making calls, sending messages and selecting music at your command, from your driving position.

PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Steering Control
PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-Dashboard

A Plush new Dashboard with touch enabled infotainment system

It’s as good as it looks and lets you manage the radio, music and calls effortlessly.

Power under the hood.

The new Polo GT comes with maximum power and minimum consumption

Masterly crafted to deliver amazing fuel economy, the 7- speed Automatic DSG Polo Gt line comes with two engine options, letting you rev between the roads with utmost comfort and agility.

PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-1L MPI Petrol

1L MPI Petrol

Maximum power, minimum consumption

The Polo’s engine has been crafted carefully and with utmost precision, to deliver amazing fuel economy while still giving you every bit of power you deserve!

Automatic DSG Transmission

Automatic DSG Transmission

7-speed automatic DSG

Our 7-speed dual-shift gearbox (available in the Polo GT TSI) sets industry benchmarks. While the Automatic Transmission lets you shift between gears with decisive agility. Now, power through the streets with ease with this refined piece of technology.

PPS Motors Polo Gt Line-1.5L TDI Diesel

1L MPI Petrol

Power, unlimited and uncorrupted!

The turbocharged diesel engine is the perfect choice for those who crave even more power. Producing a torque of 230nm, it is a powerhouse of versatility!