Volkswagen to Sell its Race-Spec Ameo and Vento to Customers

Usually what happens with high-end sports bikes or cars is….the owners modify them to a certain degree and they are all set to hit the race tracks but what would be your feeling if we say Volkswagen Motorsports India is on plans to sell out their track-specific race cars to individuals.

Volkswagen first began making track cars with Polo followed by the Vento and Ameo. The company has given an option for the people to buy either race-spec Vento or Ameo. Going into details about these cars, the Ameo used in race tracks has a 1.8-litre motor that’s capable of delivering whooping 205 bhp power.

In addition, the engine also has a BMC intake system and a race-inclined sequential gearbox which comes in full automatic mode. The sequential gearbox allows quick change of gears. The data logging and engine management have been done through a Motec setup, the Ameo even has an all-digital instrument cluster.

MRF ZLO race rubber takes on the traction control of the Ameo. To help hold yourself in place the Ameo has an OMP race seat which assists in placing the driver intact. The Ameo has race spec roll-cage certified by FMSCI, 1 fire extinguisher and body structure that is seam welded.  For added traction, there’s a big rear wing which gives out sufficient downforces.

Well, do you know what this special quantified Ameo cost would be? Volkswagen quotes the price at INR 40 lakhs.

Coming to Vento on the other side it has a 1.8-litre motor that delivers 210 bhp power, due to the presence of the ITC spec restrictor plate and forego the restrictor, it will produce a mammoth 250 bhp power. Additionally one can choose either a sequential gearbox having a manual shifter or an H-Pattern 6-speed transmission. It too has a race-spec fire extinguisher, roll cage and race seats. KW tailored the suspension clubbed with Eibach springs for additional cornering stability. This race Vento has a set of specially designed forged wheels made by Wheels India Limited. Each wheel weighs just about 6.5 kgs.

The Vento comes with immaculate brakes that give exceptional braking due to the race brake pads, the front brakes are Volkswagen Golf R32 sourced whilst the rear brakes are from the Octavia RS. The big rear wing which is present on the race-specific Ameo is not present on the Vento by default, however, can be taken as a preferred option. Extra aero parts such as a rear splitter, front splitter in addition to a set of canards for the bumper are found in Vento. Volkswagen Motorsports is even offering a different ECU map that gives the car maximum of 300bhp.

The Vento is priced at Rs. 24 lakhs (with no extra options) and Rs. 40 lakhs for the extra options stated above. So, sounds good if you are looking out for a race-specific car, isn’t it?

If this is the case with race-specific variants the Volkswagen has come out with many offers on its all passenger vehicles including Polo. The company is celebrating Volksfest and has slashed down the prices with great discounts and offers. Below are the offers and final prices on Volkswagen models. For further details please visit PPS Motorsauthorized Volkswagen dealer Hyderabad.


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