When Should You Actually Get Wheel Alignment Done For Your Car?

As car gets old we will have to take care of our car with more care as it starts showing up various anonymous problems. If your vehicle is new, you are sure to have a peace of mind for around 3-5 years unless you follow the instructions of owner’s manual thoroughly. Oil change, air filters replacement and other things are to be done as per the user’s manual. Well, when it comes to the wheel alignment, in other words it is suspension alignment as it includes fine-tuning the angles of the suspension system so the wheels are accurately pointed in the right direction. Anytime when you feel you have to get the wheel alignment done for your car, visit your nearest PPS Motors service center as it is one of the best Volkswagen service center in Bangalore.

As discussed, wheel alignment is not something that is usually listed as a regular maintenance item, but experts say there are a few times it should be tested: when suspension parts are changed, if there are noticeable signs of misalignment (like the steering wheel being pulled to one side when the car is going straight or if the vehicle consistently tweaks to one side) or in cases of uneven, swift or deep tire wear.

Furthermore, alignment is always recommended when tires are changed, especially if the old tires wore prematurely or unevenly. If you’re spending a huge amount of money for new tires, why not ensure a misaligned suspension won’t adversely affect their life span? If the wheels aren’t pointed in the right direction, the tires will be exposed to undue stress which makes them to wear prematurely. So remember, whenever you get your Volkswagen to our authorised Volkswagen service center in Bangaloremake sure you seek our expert technicians’ advice whether wheel alignment needs to be done at that particular time.

Alignment issues are usually caused by hitting a pothole or a curb, but they also likely to be triggered by worn or damaged suspension parts, such as ball joints, springs and tie rods. Worn springs on an older car, for instance, will reduce the ride height and badly impact wheel alignment. That is why; the suspension system should be examined before deciding if a wheel alignment will resolve your problem.

A vehicle that met with an accident — particularly if the effect was in the front — or had an unplanned off-road trip would also be a good reason for an alignment inspection. Most car-based vehicles need a four-wheel alignment, but on other vehicles only the front wheels are adjustable.

However, what can be adjusted varies by vehicle, but an alignment generally involves setting the toe, camber, and caster. The camber is the tilt of the wheels when pointing at the car head-on. Toe-in is the front of the wheels angle inward when pointing down from above, and toe-out is they angle away from each other. Caster angle indicates not to the wheels, but to the angle of the front suspension, which determines the tire’s axis point when the driver turns the steering wheel.

Well, the bottom line is visit PPS Motors – an authorised Volkswagen service center which offers genuine and reliable car servicing /maintenance and repair jobs. We will try our best in meeting all your expectations related to any major / minor repairs and servicing jobs.

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