Why and How to Regularly maintain your Volkswagen

Here’s where you need to go to keep it that way.

Volkswagen has enjoyed the reputation of being a leading car brand in India not just due to the superiority of the cars, but also due to a good service attitude of the authorized dealership with service centres located across the city – PPS Motors: Volkswagen Service centres in Khajaguda, Kukatpally, Hi-tech City, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Sl.No Volkswagen Service Center Address & Location Map
1 Khajaguda PPS Motors Pvt. Ltd. No:7-52/27, Prasanthi Hills Khajaguda, R.R dist Hyderabad-500034 Click for Directions
2 Kukatpally 5-7-73, Opposite Metro, Pillar No KUK33, Kukatpally, 500072, Habeeb Nagar, Moosapet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072 Click for Directions
3 Hi-tech City Plot No: 52 to 62, Sy No. 95, Madeenaguda Village, Opp. Reliance Digital, Serili Hyderabad Telangana 500050 Click for Directions
4 Jeedimetla Survey No.73(part), Medchal Highway No.7, Ramaraju Nagar, Jeedimetla, secunderabad- 500055. Click for Directions


Now having cleared that doubt, let’s move on to the next question:

Why and how should you maintain your Volkswagen?

What are the best maintenance practices, what should you ask for and most importantly, what are the benefits?

Let’s answer all of those carefully.

As a vehicle gets used, it’s only a common issue that every component will wear down and/or deteriorate over time. But then, Vehicles are built from the start, keeping this in mind. And that is exactly why it is necessary to regularly check all the various components and adjustment or replace parts as and when required, to have safe and memorable rides.

So, here are the major issues to be kept in mind during your annual maintenance. You can always visit the nearest PPS Volkswagen Dealer in Hyderabad for more information or to book a service, but here’s what you need to know first-hand.

  • Oil Change

Volkswagen follows strict standards to ensure that your car always gets the high-quality oil it deserves, and this is important to provide optimal lubrication and protection—even under more extreme driving conditions.

And hence regularly changing oil while carefully choosing the right oil can improve your car’s fuel economy. The right oil always ensures stability even in high temperatures without breaking down.It also helps your car’s engine stay clean, reducing overall wear, and maximizing its performance.

  • Brakes

How fast you drive is not a measure of how fast you can stop. And you clearly know which of these two is more important.

Your Volkswagen brake system needs to be a cent percent reliable even in adverse conditions and that’s why brakes are considered a top priority when performing a maintenance service.

Visit the braking expert at your local Volkswagen dealership since they know best how to service the sophisticated anti-lock braking system (ABS) on all Volkswagen models.

  • Tire Check

The tires are solely responsible for keeping you connected to the road and so it’s a pretty big deal to make sure your tires haven’t lost their grip.

Bring your car to the authorized Volkswagen Service Centre for closer inspection to clearly check your tread pattern, your sidewalls, and your tire pressure.

  • Battery Check

Extreme temperatures are tough on batteries. Have your technician check the condition of your battery before you hit the extreme weather months and you’ll be glad you’ve done the replacement before time.

  • Wiper Check

The Volkswagen Wiper blades are perfectly designed to fit the curvature and are made of a specially blended rubber compound that resists heat, road chemicals, and ultraviolet rays.

And hence, they should be checked for every 15,000 miles.

  • Pollen Filter Replacement

The pollen filters are engineered to filter 99% of the particles down to 0.5 microns, ensuring fresher air within the cabin and protecting the vehicle’s air conditioning unit.

Check your pollen filters for any odd odours or if the window and windshield interiors appear unclean. Refer to the owner’s manual to understand the detailed process of pollen filter replacement.

  • Air Filter Replacement

Air Filters remove the even the tiniest dirt particles down to 10 microns and are specifically matched to the needs of each individual engine.

Check the air filter if you observe any irregular vibrations of the engine, i.e, engine not running smooth, uneven running and increased idling speeds, etc.

Refer to your owner’s manual to see when air filter replacement is needed on your Volkswagen.

  • Multi-Point Inspection

This includes  inspecting the Headlights, Hazards, Side and Tail Lamps, Engine Air Filter, Fluid Levels, Pollen Filter, Exhaust System, Engine Drive Belts, Engine Hoses, Shocks and Struts, Battery Terminal and Cables, Tire Wear and Tread, Front and Rear Brakes, Windshield Condition, Wiper Blades, CV Boots and Joints, Carpets, Floor Fats and Mirrors

From inspecting belts and hoses to checking tire pressure and battery terminals, only a Volkswagen Certified Technician will make sure your Volkswagen is in great shape.

Now that is all you need to know to maintain your Volkswagen in the top condition. So visit your nearest PPS Volkswagen Service Centre in Hyderabad to keep your vehicle in a top notch condition.

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