Why only Volkswagen can build a Volkswagen

If there’s one thing the German Car Maker is synonymous to, is its solid build.

From the most popularly used car to the premium brand, the build quality of all the Volkswagen cars remains a standard.

Volkswagen is one of the world’s biggest and most respected car makers where great deal of thought, attention and innovation at every stage and process to build each car that is truly Volkswagen.

Every Volkswagen has its distinct shape be it the PoloVento or the Tiguan. The shape is not only cosmetic, but the Volkswagen cars have 100% galvanised steel bodies that come with a 6-year anti perforation warranty. It’s less of a car and more of an armour. A unique roof laser building process ensures greater rigidity and zero dampness. Simply put, a uni-body design ensures a roof that stays stronger and secure for years. Meaning every Volkswagen car is strong as shell – A roof laser welding process seamlessly welds the roof to the body of the car, creating a dampness-proof flawless beauty.

It’s not just the people at Volkswagen who work to achieve this perfection, but the car maker also employees specially designed robots for the building process. Whether it is to fix the door with perfect precision or to check the in-line measurements, to ensure a zero-error body with greater longevity.

These cars may be made by robots, but they are the most human and most thoughtful things on 4 wheels. Don’t believe us, check this out – strong steel crossbars at the joints to withstand and absorb maximum impact for a safer and more durable car ride.

These cars are absolute perfection with a 100% precision. If you take a credit card and swipe it through the gaps between the door and the frame of a Volkswagen, you’ll find them to be precise and uniform size. The smaller the gaps, the sturdier the car, making it much safer like a shell.

Next comes the skin, painting the car is not an easy process. The row dip conveyor is a technology that helps impart excellent corrosion protection and a high quality 360-degree surface coating. An 11-stage paint process of chemicals and paints. This entire procedure ensures stone chip resistance, colour adhesion, UV protection and anti-corrosion. and helps it stay as good as a brand-new car, for years. And if anything, even our paints make the car stronger.

Volkswagen’s unique hot waxing process seals every crevice in the car, which helps in keeping it free from rust and corrosion for years. At Volkswagen, the cars are tested on a periodic basis to check the surface of the cars for any distortions which would not have been detected by the human eye under normal conditions. We do this by dipping the whole car in black paint. Black, as a colour, highlights even the slightest of waviness, if any, when scrutinised under high intensity lights. Drive it, crash it, speed it – there are many ways to test a car. But Volkswagen also puts a car together and then tears it apart, in a chamber called the Destruction Test Room. We do this to each of our models every month. Just to make sure that every part of the car complies with the most stringent Volkswagen standards of quality and safety. Volkswagen auditors check the under body of the car as well to make sure the car is well protected against rust and corrosion. Yes, we look under the car so that you don’t have to. We go to great lengths to make superior cars. In fact, we send our cars to deserts and rough terrains to test them under extremely hot and humid conditions. Just to make sure the

rubber and plastic parts do not suffer any discoloration or distortion even under these conditions. Our cars not only match the Indian standards of manufacturing automobiles, but also have to pass stringent German standards. Every car we make surpasses these requirements. What better way to ensure of the highest quality?

Now that the shell is examined, let’s dive deeper. Volkswagen uses as much imagination as in the testing process as it does in innovation, like the stone impact test. Now, what are the odds of driving a road that shoots pebbles at your car; Well your car is still tested for it anyway and also to keep up with the destructive tests. The Volkswagen auditors spends 7 hours on each car, which means 25200 seconds worth of plotting against it, to ensure that every car truly earns its badge.

Every Volkswagen car is tested on the special track on all road conditions. This child like passion for cars is what makes Volkswagen ensures you have fun and safe drives when you’re in one of the Volkswagen cars. The speed sensitive steering wheel ensures a smoother drive, the gear level indicator on the instrument cluster helps you save fuel.

Now these are just a very few reasons why a Volkswagen can build a Volkswagen.

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