When we think of headlight maintenance, what first comes to our mind is replacing bulbs when they burn out. However, as a vehicle gets older another problem can be caused is foggy headlights. With the average age of 11 years on road for every vehicle, cleaning up that fogginess (headlight restoration) is necessary to make sure you drive home safely.

When it comes to cars, this loss of “vision” resembles an aging process on headlight lenses that is similar to cataracts. The lenses that usually cover headlight bulbs are built by plastic and turn cloudy and hazy over time, decreasing the amount of light illuminating the road. If you are facing the same issue with your old Volkswagen, bring it to our authorized Volkswagen service center in Bangalore.

How to Restore Your Vehicle’s Headlights?

In India, most of the cars are parked outdoors which let the cars to get exposed to sunlight, oxidation, UV rays and air pollution. All these things take a great toll on headlight lenses, which are most vulnerable to this aging process. Bulbs can be replaced easily when they burn out but lenses are permanent fixtures that commonly don’t get replaced unless they’re smashed in an accident — or when owners find they can’t see at night because they’re so clouded.

New bulbs might restore some headlight illumination; bulbs can blur with age as well. But clouded lenses that aren’t restored will continue to lessen headlight efficiency, possibly causing safety issues during nighttime driving and low-visibility situations. In addition, despite the claims of bulb manufacturers, expensive replacement bulbs might be brighter, but they don’t essentially light up more of the road than original-equipment bulbs and usually don’t last for long. Hence it is always suggested that you have to replace or restore your headlights with the OEM spare parts. If you are worried where you can get original spare parts for your Volkswagen, don’t worry. PPS Motors is here to provide you with the genuine repair or restoration services what your car needs.

Clouded lenses can’t be just cleaned with soap and water; they are cloudy because the plastic has been stained or become dirty and not just the surface. If the damage is little, you can try removing the fogginess at home by using few different ways such as using toothpaste. Firstly take some amount of toothpaste in a cloth, wipe it on the affected areas in small circles to buff out the discoloration. But this isn’t always operative and if your headlights are very cloudy, more severe measures must be applied.

A set of headlight restoration kits are available in the market to clean up the fogginess on your own. The kits usually require a multistep procedure of sanding the lenses with a light abrasive, then polishing and coating them with a sealant that is supposed to keep them clear. Outcome will vary based on the kit chosen or the amount of cloudiness on the lens. You should be careful when using these kit as headlight lens surfaces are often near paint or other trim pieces and scrabbling those can cause a great lost to your pocket.

Now days you can get your headlight restoration done at any of the local repair shops and dealership service departments which offer headlight restoration services. But the question is how far they are able to provide genuine and durable services? When you take your car to any service center just not only think about the pricing but also effectiveness and durability of the products and services offered. Eventually, restoring dull, cloudy headlight lenses to original or near-original condition can be related to an older person getting cataract surgery and regaining his earlier state of the vision they once had.

Always remember keeping your headlights clean and clear is of utmost importance for put yourself and your family on the safety front, so as soon as you find the performance of your car headlights start to diminish it’s time to get them cleaned up. If you feel you should replace your Volkswagen’s headlights take it to the authorized Volkswagen service center like PPS Motors and keep your mind at peace.

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