Car Maintenance Tips: Is it OK to use plain water instead of Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Have you ever thought is it ok to use plain water instead of windshield wiper fluid? We will tell you how far it is safe. For that you should continue to read on. If you have run out of windshield washer fluid when you didn’t have any more fluid available, you may have pondered whether you really want some special fluid or if you could just top-up with plain water as an alternative. Water is freely accessible almost every place, and refilling your tank with it would save you from taking your vehicle to the mechanic. Now, the question is, is plain water a satisfactory substitute for windshield washer fluid?

Before answering this, we would love to guide you through the right path with regards to your Volkswagen service and repair requirements. If you are facing any long-term issues with your car, get it to our authorised Volkswagen service center in Hyderabad. We will assure you that you would receive an incredible service and repair jobs by our qualified team of technicians.

Now, coming back to the topic, let’s learn a few things about Windshield Washer Fluid vs. Plain Water.

If you are living in a region where the temperature never gets down to freezing, you will be able to get along with plain water — but even then, water doesn’t have the cleaning power of specific cleaning fluid for eliminating bugs, bird droppings, road dirt and other grime that accumulates on windshields. Windshield washer fluid contains ingredients that are meant to clear-out those persistent mucks. Most of the products contain methanol and other alcohols such as ethylene glycol. Many also comprise small amounts of ethanol or antifreeze made from methylated spirits to keep the product from freezing throughout the wintertime. The elements in washer fluid work together to offer you a spotless windshield, even though the weather is extremely cold.

The key advantages of water are that it’s inexpensive than windshield washer fluid and more well-suited with the environs. Its key disadvantages are its lack of cleaning elements and cleansing agent and that it freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, interpreting the windshield-washing system on your vehicle unworkable in the times of cold weather. So even if you reside in a very warm climate, remember those tours to Manali or any coolest place in Northern India; you don’t want to get trapped in a snowfall without the ability to clean your windshield because you didn’t want to stop at the vehicle lubricant store to buy some washer fluid.

Windshield Washer Fluid works really better but these are little expensive when you compare it with plain water. Fluids formulated precisely for dusting windshields generally do a superior job of cleaning than just water and commonly won’t freeze until 20 degrees below zero or colder. The drawback about wiper fluid is that it’s usually made of ethanol or methanol, which is toxic for people and animals and can be harmful to the atmosphere. Wiper fluid also generally made of an amount of ethylene glycol, a poisonous alcohol used in automotive antifreeze. Those substances can destruct paint surfaces as well as some plastic and foam rubber parts on vehicles.

Considering wellbeing and ecological factors, some car holders make a choice to manufacture their own wiper fluid using non-toxic ingredients. We have no experience with these homemade brews and can’t vouch for their effectiveness. Few people, nonetheless, mix components like white vinegar and distilled water to wash windshields without the usage of toxic fluids.

Now it’s your turn to make a choice between windshield wiper fluid and plain water. But if you get your car to our Volkswagen service center in Khajaguda, we will ensure that you get your reservoir topped off with an authentic windshield washer fluid. Not only that, we offer genuine general maintenance and major/minor overhauling jobs at our PPS Motor’s Volkswagen service center. So, book an appointment today and enjoy smooth rides all through the coming New Year.

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