Here are Car Maintenance Tips from PPS Motors Service Team

If every car ad was true to the core then probably our vehicles would have lasted long and the need to service or maintain them wouldn’t have aroused. But the ads aren’t true, and this asks for car care tips. Here is how you can keep up your car and add an extra life to it.

Tip 1:

Keep an eye on the engine oil if not an eye at least keep a squint eye on it. As the engine oil advertisements say oil is your vehicles’ doctor. Check and replace the oil at the stipulated time. No car’s maintenance is complete without on-time engine oil change. Remember oil change ensures the engine’s life while not going for it simply kills the engine.

Tip 2:

The cooling system should be flushed and also the coolant should be changed at least once a year. A 50-50 mix of distilled water and coolant will maintain the goodness of cooling system and also obstructs corrosions and deposits piling up in the cooling apparatus.

Tip 3:

Changing of differential and transmission oils is very much needed according to PPS Volkswagen Khajaguda Service Centre experts. At times you may neglect regular service, but these oils must be replaced as per the service intervals. Ensure you always use gear oil and transmission fluid of the suggested variant and viscosity. Driveline parts like u-joints too need systematic lubricating.

Tip 4:

Maintain the car as clean as you maintain yourself. While hosing off the car’s exteriors is mandatory so is also the interiors of it. Chances are that dirt gets accumulated even in the interiors. Wash off road grime and winter salt regularly.

Tip 5:

All the tools in your car which have moving parts require grease to function properly. So take every care to properly lubricate such parts.

Tip 6:

What would you do to give an appealing look to your car? Its simple coat with a quality wax. A good waxing shines up the vehicle. Wax it once in 6 months.

Tip 7:

Always park your vehicle in the shade and also use window deflector screens to safeguard the interior plastic. You can as well use UV protectants to obstruct drying of vinyl & plastic.

Tip 8:

Check, cleanse, and reload wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease as per service intervals. Grease and wheel bearings aren’t costly in comparison to hub and spindle replacement or for that instance seeing disconnected wheels running in front of you on the road.

Tip 9:

Brake fluid attracts moisture as you know it’s hygroscopic. Moisture leads vehicle components to fail and corrode. Every year ensure you replace oil & bleed system.

Follow these car maintenance tips & trust us your car regains life. For further information call our PPS Motors Service Team at 8978 882 083.

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