What should be done to improve the mileage of your car?

As fuel prices continue to touch great heights in India, many of us are trying different ways and means to improve the mileage of their car. Almost every car that is made today accompanies a mileage marker from the processing plant itself. A few vehicles show instantaneous mileage and real-time fuel utilization display.

Your vehicle will consume more fuel after crossing 100kph speed because of air resistance and motor speed. As speed increases the aerodynamic resistance builds up which thus prompts more fuel utilization and the vehicle would need to overcome more resistance.

There is no such thing as “ideal speed” for fuel efficiency. Even if there is one such aspect then it will be different for every single vehicle. It is generally regarded that 80-90km is the perfect speed for best fuel mileage. If you want to extract maximum efficiency from your car then you should maintain 2000-2500rpm.

Take good care of your car by replacing the oil at regular intervals and you can notice that your vehicles performance is improved in the process and it would also consume less fuel. Aged oil would influence the performance and productivity of your car.

Abstain from idling for a prolonged period of time as idling a vehicle for 1 hour would consume around 1 liter of fuel (consumption rate would differ from car to car). Whenever you are ready to go out, then simply switch off the vehicle and restart it. By doing so you will not only save fuel but additionally you will reduce unnecessary emissions and warmth to the earth.

In India as dust is present everywhere it is generally advised that you should change or clean the air filters of your car regularly.

Plan your excursions in a manner to keep away from gigantic traffic and busy time, by doing this you will save a lot of time and fuel.

Different studies have shown that, by using air conditioning you can actually decrease the fuel economy by a significant amount.

Avoid riding the clutch unnecessarily as it will consume more fuel and it would bring about the wastage of power without any progress.

Check the weight of the luggage with you carry in your car as heavy weight would put more strain on the engine and its performance and any increase in weight will prompt less mileage.

Use the right kind of fuel which is specified for your car as it would influence the performance of your car and also use those fuel additives which are suggested by the manufacturers.

Avoid modifications to the body parts of your vehicle as it would increase the drag and thereby would increase the fuel consumption of your car.

You should use the correct pump with the best premium fuel as it would improve the overall performance and fuel efficiency of your car.

Perhaps the least difficult technique to improve the mileage is to keep up the right tyre pressure. This is one of the most ignored aspect with regard to improving fuel efficiency. Low tyre pressure prompts all the more rolling resistance and more the resistance more would be the fuel consumption. In simple words low rolling resistance would maximize the fuel efficiency of your car.

 Go for the correct wheels for your car and check the pressure in the tyres once in every two weeks. It is generally suggested that one can fill their tyres with Nitrogen gas, as nitrogen moves lesser than oxygen through the rubber and the tyre weight will fairly remain the same for a longer period.

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