Pre-Trip Check To Avoid Road Trip Breakdown

As you know this is a perfect season for long drives or adventurous monsoon trips with drizzling rains, green twigs and cloudy skies. Who doesn’t want to go for a thrilling monsoon trip with your beloved one? But is your vehicle ready for the hassle-free road-trip? A sudden breakdown will surely turn your happiness into blues. To make sure your car is ready for the adventurous trip then you must pre-check to avoid road trip breakdown.

Always, a pre-trip vehicle check helps define if a vehicle is ready for the road or not. So that you can avoid the inconvenience, possible safety hazards and unexpected expense of breaking down miles from home. With monsoon vacation upon us, a full vehicle inspection will certainly keep you at peace and make your journey safer.

It is always recommended that a thorough vehicle inspection before hitting the highway which includes fluids, filters, belts, tires, hoses, battery and brake system. Especially when you are travelling with a child it is mandatory to inspect your car before the road trip is live. So without beating around the bush, let’s go straight to the point.

Maintain your car in a tip-top shape

Ensure that regular maintenance such as tune-ups, battery checks, oil changes, and tire rotations are kept at the correct condition. Servicing your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations will obviously keep your car in a good shape for your trip. If you’ve recently purchased a used vehicle and you’re uncertain about its history, take it to the genuine authorized service centers like PPS Motors for an inspection. Why PPS Motors? Because it holds several authorized Volkswagen service centers with reliable customer services. The qualified technicians suggest any preventative maintenance that’s called for.

Check for latest recalls

Monsoon trips are a perfect time to make a regular check to see if your vehicle is subject for any recalls that may have occurred in the past year that you are not aware of.

Volkswagen Spares

Always carry emergency kit

Get ready for any contingency on the road with this emergency roadside kit recommended by professionals. It’s better to carry the all things given in the below list:

· Cell phone and charger

· First aid kit

· Jumper cables

· Flashlight

· Flares and a white flag

· Tire pressure gauge

· Work gloves and a change of clothes

· Basic repair tools and some duct tape (for temporarily repairing a hose leak)

· Jack (and ground mat) for changing a tire

· Water and paper towels for cleaning up

· Nonperishable food, drinking water, and medicines

· Maps

· Emergency blankets, towels and coats

· Extra windshield washer fluid

Carry out safety checks

Tires: Inflation on all your tires should be checked to manufacturer specification at least once in a month. Measure pressures on cold tires (if you didn’t drive it in the past 3 hours) as well as check on the spare, if so equipped. You can find the correct pressure on the inside of the driver’s doorjamb or in the owner’s manual. Also check for extreme or unusual tire wear which could be a signal that either one or more tires need to be changed or rotated or an wheel alignment is required.

Lights: Examine all the lights on your vehicle to make certain they are in working correctly. Headlamps, turn signals, emergency flashers, brake lights and interior lights are on the list. If you tow, do a visual check to ensure that the trailer’s taillights, flashers and brake lights are functioning.

Cooling system: Inspect coolant in your radiator to ensure it’s filled to the proper level. Also look for color and particles. The time to get the cooling system flushed and refilled when the fluid is rusty or there’s some grit. If you find there is oil or sludge in the fluid, immediately take your vehicle to a certified mechanic (PPS Motors for Volkswagen owners), as this is an indication of severe engine trouble.

Oil and other fluids: Always check your engine whether it has the correct level of oil and the condition of the oil. If it’s dark or dirty, you should change oil, which also includes a new filter. Also look for other fluids including the levels & condition in the brakes, windshield washer reservoir and transmission. If the reservoir is full, check for leaks, which would necessitate immediate service.

Belts and hoses: A thorough look under the hood is always recommended to check the hoses and belts for wear and possible replacement. Hoses that are cracked, swelled or bubbled should be replaced as they most likely cause failure, particularly on rough terrains. Examine the hose connections to ensure they are secure as well as inspect belts for excessive wear or squealing when the car’s engine is revved. Without forgetting you should also check the condition of the air filter and change if necessary.

Wiper blades: Usually after severe winter weather or exposure to hot temperatures, windshield wiper blades will go degradation. Check for signs of wear and look if they properly clear the window in both directions and replace worn ones before you hit the roads.

Air conditioning: As AC is an integral part of all our journeys keep your climate control system in a perfect shape. Ensure the temperature blows cold and all the fan speeds work.

If you found something is unusual in your car and you cannot fix it, take it to a reliable service center like PPS Motors’ authorized Volkswagen service center in Khajaguda. You are sure to get professional as well as trustworthy services for all your car needs, be it major overhauling or minor servicing.

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