Upcoming New Model by Volkswagen: New Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is already a hit in the market. Just last year was the second best-selling car in this region, just below the Volkswagen Golf and above Renault Clio, Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208 – in that order. With a history of more than 14 million units sold, the sixth generation of the Pole Hatchback is ready and aims higher than ever.

Under a new platform, each area of the new Polo was revised: a new range of more efficient engines, greater personalization options, a notable increase in interior space and a technological bath that addresses issues of sustainable mobility, safety, and connectivity.

The Volkswagen Polo is now almost as big as a Golf IV:

The subcompact of Wolfsburg grows 8.1 cm with respect to its last generation, with what remains in a total of 4 m along. Its figures are barely shorter than the fourth generation of the Volkswagen Golf – which gave off a Jetta that until recently was called Classic – although the wheelbase itself is longer: 5.3 cm, in particular. With a height reduction of just 7 mm and a growth of 69 mm across, Volkswagen ensures that there is no wider subcompact than the new Polo. The trunk, in addition, now offers a load capacity of 351 liters.

Between colors, interior decorations, wheels and upholstery, there are as many Polo as you can imagine. From the outside, you can see an evolved car in the style of Volkswagen, with the traditional horizontal lines so continuous, that untrained eyes – or very demanding – will say that it is very similar to the previous model and they are right because that is the key. Being one of the most popular in the segment, retaining the essence of the previous model also helps you to retain its popularity.

Anyway, headlights, skulls and every element of the exterior are completely new. In addition, with an eye on a young audience, the Volkswagen Polo now offers 14 color options for the body, 13 decorative moldings for the interior, 12 sets of wheels between 14 and 18 inches, a variety of 11 up to a holster for seats and two options of finishes for the interior. There are as many Polo as you can imagine.

Volkswagen Polo 2018

Volkswagen has always been a brand that creates boards in traditional ways. Functional, yes, but they do not add much when it comes to design. The Volkswagen Polo just wants to break the mold, now betting on more angular shapes, a greater combination of colors and textures, as well as an important digitization in the instrument panel and a deep update in the infotainment system.

Volkswagen Polo 2018 Interior:

Where before there were needles and a monochromatic screen that indicated consumption, now there is a full-color display that covers the instrument panel across and across. Volkswagen calls it Active Info Display, through which it shows relevant information of the car and driving: speed, consumption, browser instructions, audio system information, calls, alerts, etc. The brand ensures a very intuitive handling thanks to the simplification of the controls from the steering wheel: the change between menus is now done with a single button. Of course, all this remains in the plane of the optional.

Now insure with Volkswagen Polo. It is equipped with front-end collision warning with automatic braking and pedestrian detection, but in the plane of driving assists you can also dress with adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, blind spot monitoring, alert of crossed rear traffic and semiautomatic parking system.

Volkswagen Polo Most Popular Colors:

Most popular colors are White and Silver. But still, Volkswagen Polo is available in Reflex Silver Polo. Copper Orange, Night Blue, Carbon Steel, Candy White, and Flash Red.

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