Volkswagen Cross Polo – With Superior Safety & Technology Features

As it could not be otherwise, the German brand wants the Volkswagen Polo 2017 to remain a benchmark in its segment. With this objective, it will become one of the largest utilities in the market, so that it will grow considerably compared to the current model. In particular, its size will increase by 20 centimeters, to reach a length of close to 4.17 m.

Despite this, and given that it will be based on the MQB platform, it is estimated that the weight of the Volkswagen Polo 2017 will drop by an average of 70 kilos, in order to stay below that critical threshold that in the category represent 1,000 kilos. At the aesthetic level, it will offer a much more modern and technological image, as you can see in the recreation of the sixth generation elaborated by our illustrator Schulte.

Volkswagen Cross Polo: for the more adventurous:

The Volkswagen Polo Cross can travel on unpaved roads due to its greater height to the ground. But where it also performs perfectly in the urban jungle is protected by the tough bottom coating. The five-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels with Budapest design and 215/40 tires are standard on the Volkswagen Cross Polo 2016.

Another feature of this version is the chrome roof bars: they are not a mere decorative element but can be used to fix roof trunks and carrier systems up to 75 kilograms in weight. The silver exterior mirrors harmonize with the roof bar in the same way as in the previous model. The rear bumper, whose lower area has been designed with a very resistant black plastic material, further accentuates the style of this very special model.

In the center, a silver-colored area with a diffuser shape is striking. The interior of the Cross Polo offers good quality materials. The two-tone design of the upholstery of the sports seats, the rear bench seat and the door panels give the passenger compartment a very fresh and carefree character. Depending on the chosen exterior paint, up to three different upholstery colors are offered. The sides of the seats are always anthracite, while the center bands of the seats and the central area of the door coverings can be in shades ‘Orange’, ‘Latte Macchiato’ and ‘Gray’.

The contact surfaces of the seats with the ‘Dimension’ design backrest and bench have been reinforced with a black mesh structure that makes them even more resistant. The ‘Cross Polo‘ logo is embroidered on the front seat backrests.

Equipment inherited from his older brother:

Regardless of the chosen engine, all drivers of the Volkswagen Polo can have new technological systems inherited from the Volkswagen Golf VII, as the touchscreen infotainment system already enjoyed by his older brother. In terms of safety, the entire range has the ‘Automatic Post-Collision Braking System’, which automatically brakes the car after a collision to reduce the effects of the impact and avoid the second hit.

With a well-adjusted set of suspensions, the VW Polo moves with a very convincing aplomb. If you want more rigidity, you can equip a sports suspension, although if you really need a multipurpose car, it is best to opt for the system of driving profiles, which varies the adjustment of the shock absorbers in two programs: ‘Comfort’ and ‘Sport’. It is the first utilitarian that mounts a similar technology and is that the democratization that Volkswagen talked about so long ago has already arrived on the scene.

For the more adventurers, there is the Volkswagen Cross Polo variant, which follows the tradition of the previous models, the Polo Fun and its counterpart, the first generation Cross Polo, which obtained great success in the market. The character of the Cross Polo is reflected in many details, such as the front, where the front apron is highlighted in anthracite and characterized by a large central air intake and integrated fog lamps on the sides.

Cross Polo Images:

Volkswagen New Cross PoloVolkswagen New Cross PoloVolkswagen New Cross Polo

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