Volkswagen Interior Accessories Give You Durability & Peace of Mind

Genuine is always genuine. Authenticity always comes with quality. And that’s why Volkswagen strongly recommends going for original products so that they have a long life & give the true Volkswagen feel.

Volkswagen accessories are available for all its models combining both interior & exterior in addition to spare parts. Its interior accessories include seat covers, mat, sunblinds, carbon air filter & so on. These accessories apart from giving the customers the much-needed comfort also give the Volkswagen warranty. In this particular article, we shall discuss the exclusive qualities that come with each accessory.

Seat Covers:

The seat covers are available in 3 designs and they are apple design, vertical design, and honeycomb design. Each design has its own specialty & individual features designed keeping in mind the wide tastes & preferences of customers. While the apple design is something that suits for people who wish to have an off-beat finish the vertical design is perfect for a clean-cut finish. And coming to honeycomb design that’s in titanium black color & grey stitching gives an ultra-stylish look. All these seat covers are tailored for each model so you have a choice to pick up your taste for the VW you drive.


Mats come in rubber & textile variants. Each variant has 4 pieces. They are easily removable and also fit in the cabin easily. These mats are safety clips compatible. The best thing about these mats is they are easy to clean.


At times the sun is unwanted & just irresistible and this is when we need sunblinds. Unfortunately not every sunblind fits Volkswagen nor is trustworthy to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun and so it’s better not to take a chance and go for the genuine. These VW sunblinds apart from giving maximum protection from the sun can also be used for thermal insulation without hindering traffic safety, even when the windows are open they can be used. They are odourless and so give you a pleasant cabin.  These sunblinds are also available for rear windows.

Carbon activated cabin air filter:

PPS Motors Volkswagen service center Hyderabad terms them as health activators for people in VWs. This filter cleans odour, noxious gases, fumes & other air pollutants from entering the cabin. They are technologized enough to filter 3 microns particulate size at 91% efficiency.

Waste bags:

These waste bags come with clean solution technology and are easily attachable to the headrest bar of the front seat. They come with a roll of plastic rubbish bags which assist the vehicle to remain clean in the long run. So, the next time you think about keeping your VW clean think of these handy waste bags.

These VW accessories are available in all the authorized Volkswagen showrooms. For further details and prices about the above products, you can contact PPS Motors, the authorized Volkswagen dealer.

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