What are the major repair jobs that local mechanics may not be able to do

We never know when our car throws us into trouble while traveling or before setting out for a journey. As most of the cars get old, they start behaving odd with some or the other problems, be it an issue with engine, tyres, AC and any other internal or external parts of the car. In these cases most of us usually visit local mechanics as they charge much lesser than the authorized service centers.

In some situations, yes, mobile mechanics / local technicians are a great source to get your vehicle serviced or repaired at your place, since they manage to get all the required tools and parts with them in their specialised van or truck. To some extent, they can carry out your servicing needs, and some other jobs like replacing brakes, suspension and other components just as easily as a workshop based mechanic could. Now the question is, though the mobile mechanics can perform an array of jobs, can they fix every issue of a car?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, but it may not be all bad news, as there are authorized service centers (such as PPS Motors) out there to perform major as well as minor jobs that can’t be carried out by a local mechanic. How do you know what can be repairs? Here is a list of jobs which can be carried out only by some potential workshops.

Engine Replacement

Well, engine replacement is one of the biggest repairs that may need to be performed based on your vehicle’s life. If you are already facing a problem with the engine of your Volkswagen and it needs to be replaced, the best practice is to have the vehicle towed to an authorized Volkswagen service center, where it can be lifted on an elevator to allow access underneath the vehicle. While it is hardly possible for a local mechanic to perform engine replacement, it is often much more cost-effective to have the replacement done at a service center.

Transmission Replacement

Just like engine replacement, transmission replacement is a labour intensive job that needs many components to be detached from the car, and this is more economical to be carried out in a genuine workshop. The authorized service center will have more suitable tooling for backing up the transmission upon removal, which is safer for the mechanic to carry out the job.

Major Engine & Transmission Repairs

Few engine repairs like head gasket replacement & repairs, and timing chain replacement require special tooling. Or else components to be sent for testing which is most suitable for workshop repairs, as the vehicle may be necessary to sit for a few days until new components are obtained or restored. It is always advisable to get your vehicle to a genuine workshop to limit potential loss or further damage.

If your Volkswagen needs any repairs / maintenance jobs that are listed above, visiting the best Volkswagen service center in Bangalore like PPS Motors will be the finest action to get it back on the road safely and securely.

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