What’s the best place to service your car – Local Garage or Authorized Service Center

When our car needs general servicing or overhauling, some of us look for a trusted service center while others reach out to a local garage.  There is a common myth prevailed in the market that the authorized service centers charge more than the local garages. Most of the people assume that both authorized service centers and local garages will render the same quality of services with a huge difference in the costing. Have you ever personally experienced the difference in services rendered by a local garage and authorized service center? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely go to any authorized service center for all your car repairs and servicing. If your answer is no, then you must continue to read on to know the best place to get your car servicing or overhauling done.

Service & Overhauling

Usually authorized service centers have state-of-the-art service stations to offer advanced repair and servicing processes which best suit all your requirements. Irrespective of your car model, they try to provide superior quality services as customers’ feedback matters a lot to them. When it comes to overhauling or replacement, they use genuine parts and engine oils. They give their best by providing end-to-end solutions for everything you need whether it is a routine maintenance or specialized vehicle repair.

Local garages also try providing good services for recurrent customer visits. But as you know most of the local garages don’t have all the facilities as an authorized service center has. Sometimes most of the local garages use second quality products if they are lack of any original spare parts, engine oils or paints and charge as much as a service center does. This sounds quite strange but it is proven in several instances.

Mechanics & Customer Service

We all love our cars and we always try to keep our car in a good condition with timely servicing, change of oils and filters and body wash etc. Being a car owner, you might just think of getting these regular jobs done at any nearby local garage. It is okay to trust the locals for regular car servicing but when you expect professional and quality job from a local mechanic it is may be a too much to expect from him as he is a jack of all trades and master of none. Their trial and error methods work in some cases and don’t in some which may cause a huge damage to your car as well as to your pocket.

While, the authorized service centers have a team of professional service technicians who carefully understands and analyzes your car needs and tries to meet your expectations. They all are certified technicians help you understand your car’s repair options and vehicle maintenance needs. Also, they advise the customer to adhere to a few preventative maintenance programs to inhibit expensive repairs while keeping your car in a good condition.

Charges & Costs

It is a quite common question for every car owner whether to go to a professional service center or local garage to fix any persisting problem. When your car is repeatedly causing problems and you want to get a long-lasting solution for all the existing problems, you must visit a trusted service center though it may cost you much. As we all know this popular saying “prevention is better than cure”. If you keep on opting for local garages for reoccurring issues, someday it cost you an amount which you would never have expected. Local garages can provide routine service jobs such as oil change, filter change and water wash just as good as an authorized service center can. So it is your call to make up your mind. Visiting a local mechanic is obviously a budget-friendly option while going for an authorized service center offer you peace of mind with quality services.

Free Pick & Drop Services

In today’s mechanical lives of humanoid, most of us are depending on a few services which reduce our physical labor in turn giving comfort and peace of mind. Taking it as an advantage, almost all the authorized service centers offer free pick up and drop services.  With such services, you need not worry when to take or drop your car at the service center if you are not in the town or unable to get your car for service.


It is evident that most of us visit only the authorized service canters to keep the warranty intact. They keep a record of all our services and provide timely services. Generally, authorized service centers refuse to honor a warranty if the car was serviced in a local garage or anywhere else. Hence, it is always good to visit authorized service centers if your car or any parts are under warranty. They use genuine car parts in case of any damage or repair.

Though two of these have their own share of advantages and disadvantages, it is advisable to reach out to an Authorized Service Centre.

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