Why buying Tiguan is a good choice?

No other vehicle actually created such a buzz than TIGUAN in the Volkswagen family. Probably the design, the look and apart from all the brand value of Volkswagen have all fell in line to make the Tiguan a real roaring beast on the roads, especially on Indian roads. Apart from the above said, here are also the reasons that make buying Tiguan the best bet.

Passenger space:

No matter wherever you sit, be it in the back seats or the front seats the comfort never changes. The best seating comfort is guaranteed equally in all the 5 seats. There is plenty of leg and headroom both in the rear and front. In addition, you find N number of optional extras that make your life in the car more than comfortable. This is the advantage the car carries in addition to the other cars of its kind. Most of the 5-seat cars have lesser room at the rear and so come with lesser comfort at the mid-rear seat in comparison to the rest of the two but this isn’t the case with our Tiguan. There are many useful cubbyholes upfront inclusive of a coolbox – for storing your things, and also under seat drawers for occupants at the front seats, on SE-trim variants and higher.

Storage space:

The boot of the Tiguan is as large as flexible, and it is one of the bigger boots in its kind, giving more room than that of many others said a service expert of a leading Volkswagen service center Hyderabad. There is a sliding back bench, which augments the boot space considerably along with a modifiable boot floor and net partitions on variants over and above the entry model.

Security and safety:

Being a premium-end car one can easily understand that the safety and security are high-above than normal ones. The emergency braking system, ABS, 6 airbags, hill assist, and Active Hood give the best security and safety.

Behind wheel:

In Tiguan behind the wheel is a predominantly good place to be – the dashboard is spread out in characteristically instinctive VW style, connoting there is no requirement for the steering wheel to be button-heavy. The pedaling system is positioned nicely.


Volkswagen is known for its rich technology breakthrough and this can be felt in the Tiguan. No matter whether you are in Highline or Comfortline you can feel the richness and refinement of technology and comfort zone. Silent & powerful engine, panoramic sunroof, rain sensing wipers and apart from all the toughness of Volkswagen body, a Volkswagen specific all make you feel the refined Volkswagen drive. It also has good ground clearance making it feel like a full-SUV rather than a compact one.

Adding all to the above, the goodness also comes to it from the fact that Volkswagen Tiguan has the advantage of Volkswagen service centers that are available across the nation at strategic points.

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