PASSAT……The Sedan That Never Lets You Down

Volkswagen is known to bring out cars that are reliable, durable & operation friendly. The house is known to engineer cars that can easily go well both with the beginners & experts and one such car from the Volkswagen is PASSAT.

If you are family of 4 or so there is always a comfort owning a sedan rather than possessing a hatchback or SUV (we don’t say these variants are bad, but given the number (4) we say a sedan goes well). One such sedan we at PPS Motors sincerely recommend is Passat, because it is affordable, spacious, and also a safe vehicle. Its stylishness, sleekness, and sophistication purely make it the modern sedan to own. It has the beauty in interiors and the appeal in the exteriors.

Want to know why authorized Volkswagen dealers recommend Passat as your reliable car. Here we go with the exclusive Passat features.

The Newest Technology:

The onboard technology Passat has is the latest which gives a pleasing driving experience. It has a Volkswagen built Car-Net App that lets easily connect with all your mobile gadgets — both Android and Apple. Streamlining tunes, control panel accessing using the touch-screen display and also accessing phone apps on the screen becomes easy.

Remarkable Safety Features:

This classy sedan has got the best safety features both in & out. The automatic brake system is what is the most needed on Indian roads and it has that. 9 airbags, the inbuilt GPS, cruise control, and Park Assist redefine your safety standards.

A Design that’s Sophisticated:

In case a sophisticated and smart vehicle that’s fully reliable and safe is your choice then service head at Volkswagen service center Khajaguda blindly suggests going for Passat. Its latest design does not have anything lacking inclusive climate control, enough backseat legroom, leather seats, and awesome air conditioning.

If that’s classy about Passat interiors then the rock-hard Passat’s exterior bodywork is what you can depend upon to save the exteriors against scrapes and dents. This solid out-built is really useful during drives where stone & gravel hits are unexpected.  Adding more good features to these it has a panoramic sunroof which makes the sky literally fall in your car. Remember you also have the Easy Open Boot which makes you open the boot with just pushing your leg close to the sensor.

Power-packed Performance:

The 2.0-liter, the four-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers performance that is just outstanding in the sedan segment. With DSG automatic transmission your gear shift is easy and you have a smooth acceleration.

Having said all if you still don’t believe just book a test drive at PPS Motors, the authorized Volkswagen dealer in Hyderabad.

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